Data transfer (images, videos) from Fairphone 4 to Laptop

Hello there,
since yesterday I can not transfer any data from Fairphone 4 to my Laptop any more. Although I activated the data transfer button after connecting my Fairphone with my laptop, it does not work any more. Everytime I want to copy data, there is an error message saying “Unbekannter Fehler”.
What can I do?
Thanks in advance,

Have you tried any of the other modes (ptp) than data transfer? I had some issues with windows sometimes as well.


Hello Geron,

thanks for your answer, but unfortunately, ptp also does not work :frowning:


Hello Sonja,

i think we need some Details. Can you give us information about the systems you are using?
Android version
Operating system on the PC
Where exactly does it fail? You see the folders and files but when you want to copy it tells you an error?
Or does the error come before?

Have you tried any of the following things:
A different cable?
Did you check if there is any dirt in the Charging port?
A different USB port from that computer?
A different computer?

Before we can debug the fault further, we need to narrow down what is causing the problem.


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Hello Geron,

it’s Android Version 12 on the Fairphone. And I am able to see all the folders and pictures/ videos, but if I want to copy them to my computer, there is this error.
I tried 3 cables and 2 different computers as well as different USB ports on the computers.
Concerning the system: on my computer it is Windows 10 pro. On the other computer, I don’t know right now (it’s in the office).
The data transfer used to work, it’s not that it never worked since I bought the phone, but now it doesn’t work anymore…
Do you have any idea what else I could try?

Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

I forgot the basic IT question … : have you rebooted it?

From what it sounds like USB interface is functional. Just to confirm Could you please try if USB tethering works? (Laptop without wifi on should get internet like that)
In principle I would expect it to work based on your description but just to make sure there is nothing wrong on the USB interface.

If that all works it means that there is a software bug/incompatibility/configuration error. Do you remember installing any apps recently? Have you considered upgrading to Android 13? That could fix it.
Can you transfer Data to your Fairphone?

The next thing I would try is ADB (android debugging bridge utility). Unfortunately, this is not super straight forward. Here is a tutorial on how to do that on windows.

Once you have everything from that tutorial you want to do an
“adb push filename”
the file with the name “filename” needs to exist in the local directory.
After that completed successfully try
“adb pull filename”
If this command fails it hopefully tells us something whats wrong.

Even if an error comes back next thing would be also for me to google that error.
If anybody else can give some cents I would be open to get ideas. I never had such a bug/error.

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