Data migration from previous mobile telephone to Fairphone 4

Is it possible to find out what applications can be transferred? In the previous device there are the ones forcibly included by manufacturer and some of them are of my choice. I am concern how does it work when migration process starts. Is there a possibility to select by myself which applications must be moved to the new telephone? Are the factory-installed ones excluded or included whilst the migration process?

Are you migrating from another Android phone and which one and how do you back up?

In particular I mean Android-controlled device Samsung Galaxy J3. As for back-up method I am not sure which one to choose to achieve my goal.

Migration usually works by going into the play store on the new phone: under ‘Manage apps and device | Manage’ there’s a dropdown that you can set to ‘Not installed’ and pick from all the apps you’ve ever installed anywhere: for me this includes most, but not all, preinstalled apps on other phones (carrier-installed apps are often not in the Play Store at all but get forcibly installed direct from the carrier via the SIM and so don’t carry over).

Most apps will carry their data with them via cloud syncing: a few, like Signal, will require often tiresome per-app backup/restore processes. Of course this depends on individual apps getting it right, but most do in my experience, usually because they’re syncing everything that matters to the cloud routinely anyway. Probably the things to keep an eye on are non-streamed music and your photos and videos, since those (being large) are often only uploaded if you ask for them to be.

(The worst failure I’ve ever encountered has to be Huawei’s EMUI, whose Notes app stores all your notes in an Android partition that is inaccessible to users and provides no backup facility. Brilliant design, Huawei. Admittedly, Huawei provided a whole-phone backup/restore facility which did let you back up the notes, but you could only restore them to another Huawei phone. Can you spell ‘lock in’?)

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