Data flow keeps cutting off momentarily

hi there,
I read in this previous thread that sometimes the up/down data flow arrows on the icon status bar keep coming and going. In my case this happens and it’s visually annoying, but it’s more problematic than that - the data is actually cutting out and then coming back again. When I download my daily paper often it takes me up to 10 times to download it, as every time it cuts out it sends me back to 0% downloaded.
Any ideas if this is fixable? It doesn’t make a different if I have 5G activated or just 4G. And of course never the problem if I’m on WI-FI.
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Does this happen in different locations - did you try downloading your daily paper when in a different location?

How old is your SIM card? These are known to cause problems sometimes.

Which is your operator?

Do you use a SD memory card?

You might plough through some of these topics to see if any of the problems are similar to yours.

The icon issue is unrelated, everyone has that one since launch. It’s a visual problem. The other issue is perhaps a carrier or app issue.

Is it just happening when downloading that paper? Or can can you reproduce the issue with other downloads as well. Do you use an app to download that paper? It may then so be an aggressive power safe setting. But before we go there some more details are needed. What are the exact steps you take to download that paper? And what about other downloads?

thanks, in answer to your questions:

  • happens everywhere when using mobile data, even abroad
  • it’s an eSIM from late 2021
  • Bouygues (France)
  • no SD memory card, but my SIM 1 has a UK SIM card in it, but it doesn’t have internet enabled

I did look through the topics and, whilst I found a solution to another very different problem I was having, I didn’t find any other cases like mine :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s just when I download this specific newspaper via their app - I can download another paper no problem from a different app. To download it I go to the app and simply click on the edition I want to download. Quite often it gets to about 15 - 20% downloaded and then stops. Normally if it gets beyond 40% downloaded it will then go on and download the whole lot (but not always :slight_smile:). I’d be interested in the possible power safe setting idea :smiley:

PS of course I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled (twice) the app concerned…

So it’s a problem with the app, not with the FP or the network…

Yes, that’s my impression too.

thanks all. Being completely untechy I have perhaps a (very) stupid question: the up and down arrows for data flow - do they only show when data is actually downloading, or do they show when it’s possible to download/upload? Because when the paper stops downloading it coincides with when both arrows disappear completely from the screen.

They are indicating a data transmission, so if they don’t show up, no data flows.

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