Cyanogenmod 11 for Fairphone FP1(U) Install guide + experiences

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Is it possible to run Cyanogenmod 13 on FP1?

I’m worried that Fairphone remains at such an old version of Android. Already due to the been repeatedly found vulnerabilities. Recently one in the Linux kernel. Would it be a possibility with Cyanogenmod operate a Fairphone on a current Android?

Or is that not possible because there are no new drivers?

It’s not possible because the chipset vendor Mediatek doesn’t update their drivers beyond Android Kitkat. But that one will reach the FP1 in September:

I thought I read a post which said that Mediatek has given the driver free.

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There is a related blog post [here]. Fairphone could secure the source code a year ago to be able to provide KitKat. It will be releaed soon

But there is something else I have just found:

Kernel sources support article (16.3.2016)

Do you know what these could be used for? I’m clueless.

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