CVE-2018-5383 (Bluetooth MITM)

Heads up: Alternative firmware users (such as LOS users) should have to update your manually soon (assuming its updated soon) given CVE-2018-5383

An unauthenticated, remote attacker within range may be able to utilize a man-in-the-middle network position to determine the cryptographic keys used by the device. The attacker can then intercept and decrypt and/or forge and inject device messages.

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TL;DR: In order to fix CVE-2018-5383 on custom ROMs (such as LineageOS), there is no need to update the file.

Bluetooth and wifi firmware is included within the ROM as a binary blob and resides on the /system partition, therefore it should be sufficient to update the custom ROM once the new updated blobs are included.

We’ll have to wait for Fairphone to ship a new version of the bluetooth blobs with their next Fairphone OS release until the community can include them in custom ROMs.


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