Customise cover with stickers

I am not sure if this belongs in the help or DIY category, since I have not tried this myself, but am looking for experiences:

Has anyone tried using vinyl stickers on their FP2 slim case? I really would love to customise my phone and started looking into high-adhesive stickers. I have two slim covers, so I would be willing to stick a permanent design on to one, but maybe someone here already tried that and can share their experience?

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Do you mean like this?

There’s this well-known practice between people dedicated to technology to cover their laptops with stickers of project they support. I do this with my FP too since dec '17.


If you want your stickers to stick for a long time, give the cover a quick wipe with some alcohol beforehand. Phones are really greasy things from being held in our dirty grubby hands all the time and stickers don’t like that.


Yes, though I’m not a fan of smudging my devices with stickers (anymore, age thing I guess) I do have an iFixit sticker on my FP2 saying “if you can’t open it you don’t own it” I just found it so appropriate, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I mean! Are those just regular stickers? I was afraid that due to the slightly rough texture of the case, stickers would not stay on there very well. That’s why I was specifically looking at highly adhesive, permanent ones.
How well do they stick? And do you change them or are these still the ones from 2017?

I’m in general also not a fan of putting stickers on everything, but it seems to be the most efficient way to customise the slim case. If there is a way to make it long-lasting, I would definitely love to design my own case this way. Since 3D printing an own design isn’t an option for me.

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Perhaps you want to keep an eye on long term experiences with paint …

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Yes, they are.

Yes, they’ve been the same. I don’t exactly remember when I put them on, but some weeks before the time of the linked post. No issues with the stickers’ glue, they stay perfect on the cover, but the h4’s plasticized layer is peeling off recently. So you may want to look for high-quality stickers in this regard.

The zone around the border of the stickers (about 0.5 mm thick) is getting darker due to the dust and dirt I guess. In case you remove a sticker after some time, it may leave a marked area. I don’t think there’s any problem cleaning it, but just in case.

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I saw that topic as well, but my confidence in my own art skills is rather low :sweat_smile:
And working with stencils seems like a lot of work if one wants a good amount of detail. But depending on if I can find a sticker that matches my ideas, that might be an alternative indeed.

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I’ve never thought much about it. I simply put some stickers on my Fairphone that were on hand. :smiley:


Lol @ the I <3 my atomkraft? nein danke / Fairphone part :slight_smile:

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I only have one sticker from Solarvignette ( You buy one and support enough solarenergy what a smartphone uses in a year. I also have a sticker for my laptop and they offer stickers for e-bikes, EV, fridges


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