Current Support Status

Hey @Francois, the response with the ticket and telephone number is an automated responds that you should receive within a few minutes of submitting your request.

If you did not receive it, something has gone wrong. Either there was a glitch on our side, and we never received your email. Or your email was misspelled so our reply was lost, or our reply email ended in your spam/junk folder (a common thing to happen).

If our reply is not in your spam/junk folder, I am afraid you’ll have to re-submit your question at


Thanks Douwe, I actually checked my spam/junk folder just before posting here, in case. I guess I’ll re-submit my request. Nothing too urgent anyway, my translucent case that is now splitting.

I had exactly the same problem and reported it to support, following @anon73900052’s advice at FP2 cracked case after 3 weeks (see first post)

I got two e-mails from support: the first one asking me to check delivery address and preferred cover color and the second one telling me that they’ve sent out the replacement cover.
Calculated in “business hours” the entire process took only about 1,5 hours from when I raised the ticket until support ordered the replacement delivery!
After about 5 more days shipping time I could replace the defective case.
So I’m very happy with FP support and support reaction times! :slight_smile:


Glad it was so fast for you! My ticket for the same problem has been sitting idle for 20 days now :slight_smile:

Well, either I was lucky or you were not, but my request was just answered and finalised today (so 2 days after opening the ticket).
Very good work support team (and especially Jevgeni) :+1:


You should check, if something went wrong with your mail (spam-folder …).
I had the regular case replaced twice and it always took less than a week.

Did you add some othe requests to your ticket besides the broken cover? This could be a reason for delay.

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Cheers mate I have set the ticket priority to low which might explain the delay :slight_smile: but I dont want to delay support for more important situations


You deserve 1000 likes for that. :heart_eyes:
Still, you could ask for an update after 3 weeks (that’s more than twice the average time already ;)).


I can confirm the situation of Avril. I also contact the support with the subject: “Cracked case FP2” at 9th November. There was no respond since this day. It is very annoying for the customer. In my eyes the average first reply time is worthless. But it is nice to here that there will be three new customer in the support team at the end of the month. I hope this will help to reduces the number of open tickets appreciable in the next month.

In my case I set the ticket priority to ‘Medium impact’, because the damage was not so huge. But the damages grows after some days and now it is a good way for dust to get in the back of the phone. So it is also annoying that there is no way to change the priority afterwards without sending a new ticket and the known request number.

And yes I also claim the problem with the reboots in this ticket. But this is no reason for me why the didn’t answer the ticket since 9th November. And the problem with the white spot is not disturbing for me and it is a waste of material to get a new screen with the same problem.

28 November 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.706

1.705 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 12 days. (+ 2)


Very weird, I did the same, with the same goal to not delay any situations more urgent than mine. Same as @BertG, I would give them a call now…

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12 December 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.603

2.121 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 16 days. (+ 4)


Is there a reason why the first reply time is up with 4 days?
It scares me a bit with Christmas time coming.

Yeah, things do not look bright with the holidays ahead. Sadly I do not have an finite explanation; I just relay the numbers I get. But it seems to be mostly connected to the rise of new tickets.

What doesn’t say anything. Did you sell much more FP2 than before or could you give us some statistics about the most called issues and reasons why people are calling for help?

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Hey @Heiner and others;

In a weekly meeting the support team shares above mentioned numbers with the entire company. I take the liberty to then share them with you as a way to provide a little more insight into what happens here.

I do not have the numbers you ask for and I am hesitant to ask the support team to create them for me. They already have more then enough to do.

If you feel that this (small) weekly update of mine raises more questions then it answers them it may be better to stop. At this moment, sharing these ready made nr’s. with you is not to much of an effort for me. Getting more and other numbers will put a burden on the team. I hope you understand I am trying to avoid that.

We all know that knowledge provokes questions. The more you know, the more you realize that you need to know more to understand it all. That is what makes science so awesome. But in a company you have to set limits on what effort you put where in order to succeed in your mission.


As long as the person(s) in charge know(s) it all, your mission shall not be threatened.

Bear in mind we are quickly approaching the expiration of the first FP2s’ warranty period. I think the first FP2s arrived at their owners on christmas 2015, so some might have delayed warranty repairs and are now trying to get them done with the deadline ever closer.


Agreed, but that assumption itself does not explain the tremendous increase of first reply time in the past two and a half weeks.

In one of the earlier posts we already had an increase of 4 days in a week with 1.652 new tickets.

Well, as Douwe said: from looking at the existing numbers alone we won’t be able to find any root cause. But then, that’s not our job :wink: