Current location of the community Fairphone 2

No, I just forgot to put it in the box… sorry about that!


Requested for the upcoming 24 May Aachen get-together. :slight_smile:


To discuss:

It seems to me that apart from Aachen, few community meetups still order the Community Fairphone 2 (CFP2) from Jollemanhof. As a consequence, the diary that comes with the CFP2 could become more or less obsolete unless meetup hosts also order it as a standalone event companion independent of the CFP2. It might make sense then to re-dedicate it from a CFP2 companion to a general meetup or community diary (and add it to the list of event materials).

However, I hope some of you will chime in first and give their opinions.

In the short run, do the July hosts want the diary for your upcoming meetups? I would need to mail it on tuesday or wednesday at the latest to arrive in time for the inaugural Freiburg meetup, so if you @hnms want it, please PM me the postal address you want to have it sent to right now, please. @Friek, have you requested the CFP2? Right now it still sits on my shelf here in Aachen (it would still travel via Jollemanhof though).

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Sent address via DM

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I will adapt the List of Materials soon if no one disagrees in the meantime.

I wanted to reply earlier but then forgot about it.

For me, the community phone is not necessary. I have a second FP2 where I test Ubuntu Touch (and sometimes Sailfish) which I can use to show at events.
And the diary… I’m too busy to take pictures at the events anyway. Handling a diary in addition just wouldn’t work :smiley:

I think almost all the diary entries have been done outside (i.e. usually after) the meetups. At least I have always done them later. Way too busy during the event, too.


The gut feeling for myself is that doing it after the event is even more unlikely to happen.

Well, let’s let the thing die then.

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