Country Select Saudi Arabia

I have ordered a fairphone 4 from, as I currently reside in Saudi Arabia.

I would like to order accessories for my new phone, however I need to select a country for shipping, and Saudi Arabia does not seem to be an option.

I would also like to register my extended warranty, however says I can’t download an invoice and to contact the seller, additionally there is no Saudi Arabia option for my country location.

Does this mean Saudi Arabian customers can’t be helped by fairphone? and if so, can that change anytime soon?

I would appreciate any help on this.

Welcome to our community.

Unfortunately the Extended Warranty is only available to an FP4 customer who

resides within the European continent or is a United States of America (“US”) based customer who purchased their device through Murena Inc.

See the full small print here (my quote above is right from the very first paragraph):


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