Copy photo's from Fairphone to PC

Hi there,

I would like to copy the photo’s I made on my FP2 to my PC. I connected the phone to the PC but I can’t find it in any folders or on the screen. How can I make it work?

So far, I mailed photo’s that I needed to myself, but with 400 photo’s that’s a bit time consuming


Have you tried this guide:

If this does not work, there might be a technical problem, that maybe has already been addressed here

or search this forum for “connecting to pc

If everything fails, maybe some of the techies here in this forum can help.
Or you try to get in contact to someone in your area:

if @BertG 's suggestions don’t work for you for some reason you can try installing FTP-server (free app available on F-Droid app store) on your phone and connect from your PC to the Fairphone via FTP.

or try Bluetooth

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