Conversation partner can't hear me after a couple of minutes

Hello everyone!

For a few days now, I’ve been having the problem with my FP4 that I can suddenly no longer be heard by the person I’m talking to after about four to six minutes (the maximum so far has been nine minutes). However, I can hear the other person without any problems. I then have to hang up and call again, then the problem is solved. This affects incoming and outgoing calls, but not every call! Today ist happens three times yet, but yesterday I could talk to a friend for an hour. And to my brother for 20 minutes. But again, three days ago it happens twice.
I first noticed the problem six days ago.

I have installed the latest update that came a few days ago (FP4.SP29.D.069.20230510). Stupidly, I can’t remember for sure if my problem occurred before the update. But could the problem possibly be related to the software update? Do others here have the problem?

I use the Vodafone Germany network, but I don’t think my problem is caused by the network, as I’ve never had such problems before. My dialer app ( was last updated on 19 April, so I also rule it out as the source of the problem.

Thanks for your answers!

Overall there are here and there issues with call quality and yes updates can help to destroy reliability somehow with a single network provider and especially Vodafone Germany was affected many times already…

Its not only Fairphone who is responsible and also the provider has to ensure that all devices work in their network.

Edit: Maybe see if disabling 5G, VoLTE, VoWifi have any effect.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it does not help me in any way. Are you familiar with this problem? Do you have the Vodafone network and the problem may not?

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No I dont have any issues with my FP4 in the O2 network and never had.

As you can read here extensively the issues vary a lot…

Overall I would contact FP Support as well as Vodafone.

I encounter the same issue with my brand new Fairphone 5 w/ Android 13. I’m using Neibo, on Orange network, in Belgium. It happens really often (like one call out of two) and I don’t think it comes from the network, as I didn’t had this problem before.
I’m considering moving to eOS, do you think it may fix this?
Thanks you.

I’m considering moving to eOS, do you think it may fix this?

Now using eOS and not having that issue anymore :grin:

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