Continue with Open OS?

Honestly I have nothing against google and would love to just sync my contacts with google if possible. I installed the OS because I was getting adds on my phone, slow performance, battery live was super short and the software was buggy. But since I’m not a developer I’m now having serious doubts about going open source…

You don’t have to be a developer to enjoy FP Open OS (that’s the official name, I edited your post).
FP Open OS is the same as FP OS except:

  • Open OS comes without Google Apps and Services preinstalled (but you can install them or some of them via opengapps)
  • Open OS comes with TWRP, a powerful recovery which you can use to do a full system backup - among many other great things.
  • In Open OS you can get root rights easily via Developer Settings.
  • FP Open OS and FP Open OS updates are not released at the exact same time.

Thanks for that, I’m giving it another go, just takes so much time to figure it all out :worried:

The companies make it complicated so that the normal users just accept the reality the companies prefer (You pay with your data and get a nice and easy to use phone).

The biggest “easy to sell” benefit of a phone with an OS you can control is that you can install a good and powerful Ad-blocker.

For the rest, you just have to read a bit more, that’s true. You can also still use most of the commercial software if you want to and depend on it. It all just takes a bit more time to learn, that’s true. But on the other hand, you learn more about the tools that use or have to use every day.

Good thing is … you can just ask here all the time if you have questions. :slight_smile:

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And what happened now after you installed Open OS ? Is performance better now ? Is battery life longer ? And did you get some apps with less bugs ? Your short intro let me guess that Open OS may have already brought improvement when your only sorrow is your new situation as some kind of developer . If going development means some new improvements you should not mind too much about getting developer.

Thanks for the support and I’ll probably keep asking questions :wink:
Should install these things when you have a few days off not in hectic times.

And yes my battery is lasting longer, it’s hard to measure exactly how much, but yeah seems almost twice as long…
Then again I haven’t yet gotten most things installed so it’s been doing less.
Haven’t got my contacts imported, wanted to do it with the gapps but it wouldn’t install.
Went to recovery mode, can’t open the zip, that sort of thing…
So this is what it feels like to be a developer, mmmmm

Ah found it:

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Thanks for your optimism. Because I still have to install Open-OS. I’m just a bit lazy. My excuse was the repair/return of my FP2 end of april which should be followed by a “honeymoon season” :wink: I mean grace period. I simply enjoy full functional FP2 after 3 months of many troubles until display broke down.

And for you: “Yes , you can” I guess you mixed the word development with simple but hard work of configuration of the device that you would have saved while letting Google&Co do this work for you. The price of this work you may know : your privacy data.

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