CONTEST for community boot animation

Exactly, I looked for this a few days ago as I wanted to create this boot-animation too :smiley: Unfortunately, I didn’t find it neither.

Did you check the FP youtube channel ? I think some videos there include illustrative animations looking like what you are describing.

I had the same idea but at a quick glance this morning I didn’t find the animation in any video.

Sorry for the late reply (took some searching) but that scroll to assemble the phone animation is actually based on a series of jpg images - and those are still on the server:

Edit: for those on linux/unix:
wget -r --no-parent -nH --cut-dirs=4


I made three bootanimes (slow/middle/fast) from those:

Here is the fast one in gif:

The middle one contains two times more images, so it is two time slower.

The slow one contains four times more images, so it is four time slower. And really too slow for the Fairphone2, you can’t even go to half of it before the phone is on.

I put all the material I used in each folder, but you just need to download the you want.


I love Windows Mobile, because he says “good bye” when you Switch it of.
Would that be an Idea, I think it would be very kind if my FP2 would say: good by Ben.

Or What’s about a own Text? Or diverert Text to choose.
Hey Stopp don’t leave me alone.
Goodnight Douwe, sleep well.
Charles, do not forget your Meeting Tomorrow by 9:15. :wink:

May i’m wrong, but I don’t think so.
Our FPs, becomes a friend to us, may be we had another Phone we never would give away, like me and my Moto X.
Do you have the same experience?
Best open a new Thread to talk about: me and my FP.

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Or may be just the half of it.
If you switch it on, the Phone will be assembled, by switching off the phone disassembled.
At the end of the Animation you would get a Hello username or a good by username: e.g. Hello Ben, good bye Ben.

PS. By booting e.g. Pic 140-410 see NicoM’s post Website.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think we can set a “switch off” animation. :-/

But some Android Smartphones has one.
May be you could find it out.

Yes you can create “switch off” animation.

Along “” file in /system/media, create a “”.
They share the same format, only the name is different.

Though, the phone doesnt need much time to power off, so I’m not sure you could have time to enjoy a long animation, but a static pic with Good Bye Ben might work.


Maybe a pic of s disassembled FP, change to a good by text with a black background.

I will try something when I’m back home😉

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Hey @jaymanu!

This is such a nice idea of yours! I just showed it to our developers and together we were thinking that we could make community boot animations part of #software:fp-open-os!

So, I’d like to support this idea of you and tell everyone in this thread: if you make a cool, original and great boot animation; we will include it in a future update of Fairphone Open OS.

Looking forward to your creations :fist:



That means the boot animation is changed with every update? So more than one person gets the chance?

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Something more loading-screen-y could be to see the FairPhone assembled from back to front as if the screen is a transparent window into what’s behind it.


Probably not every update; but as soon as there is a piece of animation art uploaded here that is really cool; yeah, we’ll try to include it in the next update.

And yeah, that means that more then one person can have it’s boot animation be part of Fairphone Open OS.


Doesn’t work for now:

Auflösen des Hostnamen » («…
Verbindungsaufbau zu (||:443… verbunden.
HTTP-Anforderung gesendet, warte auf Antwort… 403 Forbidden
2017-01-01 19:21:00 FEHLER 403: Forbidden.

Fairphone probably (re)moved the files when they revamped their site a while back. Not sure whether there’s an ‘official’ source now…

I made the official one a bit darker.

I was told by @paulakreuzer to post it here, too.

(It’s originally made for the FP 1, but should work on the FP 2, too.)


whole comment:

I really like the new bootanimation, but I think the images 403 and on are a bit too bright.
This is mostly only distracting, but in some cases (Hello, broken USB connector!) this might be even dangerous, because in some circumstances the battery will only charge if the phone is mostly booted up.
So any bright screen can hurt.

I’ve simply made all images a bit more dark.

script for use in GIMP (extract the to a folder called "bootanimation"):
# to be pasted in the GIMP console
# GIMP is to be run from "."

import os

def load(name):
        return pdb.file_png_load(name, name)

def save(image, name):
        pdb.file_png_save_defaults(image, image.active_layer, name, name)

def main_func(arg, dirname, fnames):
       assert arg is None
       if dirname == "bootanimation":
       for file in fnames:
                # number = int(file.split(".")[0])
                complete_filename = os.path.join(dirname, file)
                image = load(complete_filename)
                pdb.gimp_brightness_contrast(image.active_layer, -50, 0)
                save(image, complete_filename)

# bottom
os.path.walk("bootanimation", main_func, None)

The resulting (You can put this in /data/local/ and it will survive ROM updates!)

The differences:

before after

Disclaimer: I have just tested this in an emulator. But it shouldn’t brick anything. If it doesn’t work, just connect your phone to a PC, delete the file (via adb) and reboot.

edit: A note if you want to create your own: Be sure that you don’t compress the zip file. (I did that mistake first.)

edit 2: The weird thing is that it works fine when I run bootanimation by hand, but not on startup…


Thanks for your contribution !

Correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe color values have no impact on energy use on an LCD screen. You can display full black or full white, the display will drain the same amount of watts. This would be different with an oled display.


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