Contacts try to sync with Google too often

Got my phone and startet it without simcard and WLAN. After the initial settings, i connected it with my wlan and installed everything I need from fdroid. Then I rootet it with: download bootimage, flash bootimage, reboot, install superuser. Now I installed AFWall+ and gave Wlan-permission to those first installed apps (Firefox, DAV-droid and so on). Then activated protocoll. The app which insists the most to connect to internet is: contact: It wants to sync with Gmail. Now I need a replacement for contacts, Is there any easy app that does not need any network-connection?

Same goes for “Photo”, I replaced it with Quickpic, but Quickpic is second on the list “which app wants the most network connection”.

By the way: my FP2 works as expected, the hardware is fine, the software is partially ugly.


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Are you on a self-compiled or the stock ROM?

Have you recognized the topic about having contacts only locally on the phone?

For the gallery app, see this thread, if you haven’t seen it already. There are only a few suggestions to choose from, though.

I did, what I wrote and so I’m on stock-ROM. Contacts: neither nor. I have my own cloud and there are the contacts. That works, but it’s disturbing that the app “Contacts” wants to sync so often to Google. I think that will waste power.


Do you use the newest version of Quickpic or the older one described in the post linked above. Quickpic was bought by a not so nice enterprise, so the last good version is 4.5.2 Picture viewer app: what's your choice?

QuickPic is now version 4.5.2, the calls are a little bit fewer and go to Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., 2nd floor, westlake international. That’s not a good version …


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