Contacts, telephone, whatsapp and others are not loading or starting

Hello, since yesterday the FP1 of my partner is not working fine anymore. She had a malware information at whatsup and than whatsup was deleted… Since then all these apps do not load anymore… Whatsapp stop during initialisation, telefon keeps just loading as well as the contacts… I´m not familiar with android so I ask here :wink:
We don´t want to do a total reset, before there could a chance to save the contacts…
Hope someone can help us :slight_smile:

If it’s just the contacts you need, are you sure they’re not stored in an online account? If you have a google account installed on the phone, it could be that the contacts are available via when you log in with the account linked to the phone.

The first thing I’d try is to reinstall the operating system. Your personal data will not be altered by this.

Hello Johannes
there is a google account, but there are no contacs…?

Hello Stefan
there was 1.8.7 istalled and namen up to date… I reload 1.6 and hope…

No, don’t downgrade! You just have to click on “1.8.7”.

oh too late :confused::sob:

No problem, you can upgrade again… :wink: Can you start Whatsapp, Contacts, etc. now?

No and updater not as well… he always notes: “the process has finished”

Then you need to manually install Fairphone OS:

Alternatively, try these Support instructions:

OK, thank you, Kola Nut 1.8.7 is back on. But Whatsapp is still not finishing the initialisation… an contact and telefone app are gone…
what can I do next?

How can they be gone??? Did you check in “All Apps”?

PS.: The contacts and telephone apps are included in the Fairphone OS, they must be there after a successful install of Fairphone OS.

Yes they in all apps, but I can´t start them…

I had to install Google account again and Iám waiting now for half an hour… “bitte warten”…

I red somewhere, that the contact store is too big with 52MB… is that correct?

That is quite a lot! Maybe there is something wrong with the database… Are you sure that your contacts are not stored in your Google account online? (Check on a desktop computer!)

PS.: My contacts storage has in total 6,22MB.

Yes there are just 2 new contacs in the google account.

Look at this topic:

Go there using a root file explorer (like Amaze) and tell me the file size of the contacts.db file you’ll find there. (You need to enable Root Explorer in Amaze’s settings.)

PS.: Are you sure that you don’t have a backup anywhere else? Maybe on the SIM card?

You mean to install the Amaze App on the phone? The phone is still trying to initialise… I can´t do anything here…
I have to stop here for today, I have to get up early tomorrow…
Thank you fot your support so far.
Maybe I can continue tomorrow.

Okay, please give us a status update tomorrow and provide the exact messages the phone gives you.