Contacts missing after update

Help! Since today, I lost all my contacts!!! Even worse, if I try to make a new contact, I get the message ‘Contacts has stopped’. So can’t make any new contacts. After a Phone call, I don’t have a memorylist of who I called.

I store most contacts on the Phone, some were on SIM. But all is lost. And the Contacts app doesn’t work anymore.

Don’t know if it has anything to do with the KolaNut update (which I did monday, and worked fine then and yesterday).

Do you use google apps? If so, are other google related things working? (mail, app store, … )

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Same here - unfortunatelly
I installed my second simcard today and after that I lost all my contacts, wasn`t able to save new contacts and the memorylists were also gone.

I installed KolaNut a few days ago. All the other google apps ( gmail, maps, playstore) are working normal…

Thanks for your help!!

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I lost all contacts stored on my simcard after the update. When I try to find them back, my phone says ‘no contacts found on SIM’. Is there any way to fix this?

Yeah, thanks for replying. Google related things work.

If I check the App info, Storing Contacts doesn’t have cache memory… The Contacts app itself does have cache memory, but hasn’t any contact, nor can any contact be joined.

Try to run the update again. It might be that some files were corrupted.


It worked…!!! Took me a while to know how to run the update again, since my phone said I was already updated. But after I succeeded, my contacts (over 500) came back!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


For future reference: You can either

  • go to the “advanced section” in your Fairphone Updater and press on the latest version, or
  • install an update manually.
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