Constant disconnection during phone calls

Hey there!

I have a problem with my fairphone almost since the beginning (first batch) sometimes better, somteimes worse, before the latest fp update i rebooted my phone and for a while it worked without trouble but now it started to disconnect during calls again. sometimes it does it like 6 times in a row, then for 3 calls everything is alright and then again it disconnects while talking without me hanging up or something. it is really annoying. i think it must be something about my software. Has anyone experienced the same or might know any help?
Best, looking forward to your answers!

Hi @Hilkje,

i had and have the same problem. In my case, it turned out that i accidentally hung up myself.
This happens because the “ear-detecting”-sensor, the sensor that should detect when you are holding the phone to your ear, does not reliable turn off the screen (or turns it on again). In that case, it is pretty easy to accidently touch the “hang up” during the call with your skin.
There are several threads here discussing that problem, some suggest installing an app, i try to simply turn of the screen my self by shortly pressing the power button as soon as i am calling.