Connection Problems, "Managed Roaming" Pop-up

Hi, since a few month on almost every day I got these “Managed Roaming”-Pop-up. Than there is no connection to my provider possible and I can’t send or receive calls.
Also the mobile internet connection is very bad and its just working again after I did a complete network scan or changed the preferred network mode from 4g to 3g a view times.

I already changed my sim-card (from O2 to Telekom, both in Germany) but nothing changed. So I guess it is a problem with the phone, not the provider.

This is more than annoying, with this bug I can not use my phone as a reliable tool. According to a German FP-Group on Facebook, I am not the only one with this problem.

Thanks a lot for any help

I noticed that just the other day when going by subway in Berlin, I don’t get this anywhere else.
I always chose Cancel and everything was fine.

They are working on improved WiFi in the subways in Berlin, I thought perhaps it would be related to that, but I had no time to look into it.

Do you get this anywhere outside of the subway?

Hey @AnotherElk , thanks for your reply. Yepp, I have this “feature” everywhere. At home, at work, on the way, in the car and even at night … than I have to close a few of these pop-ups in the morning. That’s fantastic!
I am really frustrated. I will wait for an answer of the customer service and maybe try an hard reset next. If it will not help, I have to change my phone.

Btw: does anybody know why I do not have access to this thread?

The #software:bug-reports category is now hidden in favor of the bugtracker.

Read why here:

Just FYI the bug described in that topic was fixed last August.

According to Google you can run into this with other phones, too, it’s not a Fairphone thing.

I noticed today (not in the subway this time) that it popped up just when the phone lost connection to the network (Telekom). This time, I chose OK and then chose the network to be selected automatically … no popup since, even when the phone lost connection again, but I’m on guard now, let’s see whether it comes back …

I have this problem too when there is no phone coverage. Every few seconds I get this message, and nothing I do seems to get rid of it, except turning off WiFi. It’s not a Fairphone only problem, there are posts about this all over the web going back years, but I can’t find any solution. I’m in Wales, btw.

Hi together!

So meanwhile I am testing the third different provider, just to be sure it can not be an coverage problem… but it is always the same problem. The signal-strength goes up and down in seconds, I can not send or receive calls.
Now I am using an old Samsung phone with the same SIM - at the same place, of course - and it works great. No problems with the signal, and I can phone. So I guess it is an problem with the phone, not the network operator / coverage.


I’m in Copenhagen, Denmark and I’ve started getting this problem too in the last month or so. I did not change my SIM card or anything like that. At the moment I have just 1 UK SIM card in the phone which obviously is roaming. But I’ve had my phone with just the UK SIM for many months now and didn’t have this problem so maybe one of the last few FP2 updates has triggered it. It’s very annoying and makes me think of changing to a different phone as it pops up constantly at home when I’m trying to read the news or browse the internet. I’ve just tried AnotherElk’s suggested fix and it went away so I’ll report back if it continues to stay gone in a week or so.

It will be fine. You just manually connected to the network once for one reason or another, that’s all. Clicking the message -> automatic network selection is sufficient to fix it. This works the same way on any Android phone. If you buy a new one you can make exactly the same mistake.


One week later and no problems since. Thanks for the advice! :smiley:

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