Connecting lightning earphones

Hello !

I just bought a Fairphone 4. I had an iPhone before this, so I bought some headphones with a lightning plug. These are good quality and I would like to use them with the Fairphone, so I bought a USBC lightning adapter.
But the phone does not detect the headphones and puts the audio on the speakers.
Is it possible to detect the lightning headphones on the Fairphone?

Thank you !!

Hi and welcome, which Adapter did you buy? Maybe you need to try different to find one that works. Keywords like DAC might help…

Thats for the “normal” USB to headphone jack and might still give some hints

USB-C and Lightning are not just simple electrical connections. In fact the Lightning plug of a headphone contains a chip which provides the communication with the smartphone and analog output for the headphone.

If you want to adapt that to USB-C you need an special adapter which translated the Lightning audio data protocol to USB-C like this one by Anker.