Connecting Fairphone 4 to PC

Trying to connect my fairphone 4 to my PC. I currently have 2 Fairphone 4 handsets as I am trying to transfer data from one to the other to send the original for repair but neither one will connect and appear on my PC.

I have read a number of other posts on this on here and tried all the fixes from them but still having no luck :frowning:

Things I have tried:
Cleaned the charge port
Checked I have a data and not just power cable
Used the same and different ports and cables and used a Samsung S8 to check connections, the S8 connects with no problem to the PC with every cable and every port
Used the pull down “device details” menu and gone to file transfer (and every other setting)
Checked I have up to date software for PC and Fairphone
Uninstalled the device under the PC device manager and reconnected multiple times
Rebooted the phone and repeated the above

The phone is definitely connecting to the PC as it is showing up on the PC device manager under the drop down of “Android device” as “Google Nexus ADB interface”. On the phone screen it recognizes that there is a connection via a USB but the device does not show up on the PC to be able to manage files or anything else.

I cannot think of anything else to try?!?

Any suggestions?

Can you connect to your phone with adb (command line tool)?

Change the usb-port on the old phone with the one from new phone?

Use an SD card as portable storage?

Use 3rd party solutions that allow file exchange like possibly described here:

(Didn’t any of the above myself before, just ideas)

And I think there is already a thread

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Yes but unfortunately we don’t know how the problem was resolved, except that it must have been something wrong with the FP4.

@Jack79 I would recommend getting in touch with official FP Support ( or if you prefer, use the My Fairphone app).

You didn’t state what OS you are running on the PC, nor on the FP4, please remember to always indicate versions. You also didn’t indicate why one of the phones is in any case going in for repair: again, as much context info as possible is always a good thing and saves time.

If you’re in a hurry, as lfb6 says, a SD card (formatted for use as PORTABLE !!) is maybe your best bet.

Welcome to the community and the forum to you both, by the way.

If you have a USB-C to USB-C cable you can also try connecting both FP4s directly, that has worked great for me in the past.

Make sure both phones are already unlocked when connecting, there can sometimes be issues when they are not (and on Android 12+ that seems to be a default requirement anyway, better get used to it).

Have you set the usb to data transfer and not just charging. At a guess you have but sometimes we miss the obvious.