Connected to Wifi, no internet


Unfortunately, most of the time I can’t connect my FP3 to my wifi at home. It says “connected, no internet”. Three other wifi networks worked perfectly fine.

I already tried to switch from 802.11nbg to bg (as recommended with other wifi problems) and 802.11nac to na. I also tried to switch to 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz only and what was suggested here (apart from the last post), nothing worked.

Is there anything else I could try? I would be grateful for any ideas!

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You don’t per chance block access to * There’s an address Android uses to check whether the wlan is open or whether there’s a page asking for credentials/correct behavior or whatever you have to accept


Thanks for your reply!
I’m not blocking it intentionally. How can I check if I do?
Would it be possible to block * and still have no connectivity problems with other wifis? Sometimes my FP3 connects to my wifi at home (automatically), but most of the time it doesn’t work.

Which router model do you have exactly?

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You don’t actually have connectivity problems if you block it, your phone just will display the message you’re seeing for every network if you do.

This is unlikely done intentionally, but there is a fairly large number of forum users who want to get Google out of their life, and that is why questions like these get asked when you have a problem.

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It’s a Fritzbox 7530.

Please check whether the latest Fritz!OS version is installed (in System - Update).

Else … there also was some channel-related stuff …

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Thanks for your help!
The OS version has been updated just recently. But changing the channel seems to do the trick! I forced my FP3 to connect to 5GHz only and changed the channel to 36. Now the wifi is fast and stable.
The only issue left is when I lose the wifi connection (happens upstairs), and come back downstairs (where the signal is good) the phone does not immediately connect me automatically. When I tried to connect manually it took a few times till it actually connected. But that is some fine-tuning I can work on later.

Thanks again!!


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