Connect Tesla Model 3 to Fairphone 3 hotspot

Hi all,

My premium connectivity on my Tesla ended and i was trying to connect my Tesla to my fairphone’s hotspot. Tried with and without security but it just tells me it can’t get an IP.

Anyone had the same experience and found a fix perhaps ?

I rebooted the phone and the car already :slight_smile:


Is another Wlan device working on this hotspot?

Rebootet the car :rofl::rofl:

Do we have many Tesla drivers here :flushed:

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My windows 11 machine can connect to it

OK, not a HS issue per se.
have you tried different sec. settings: None, WPA2, WPA2/3, WPA3
Simple password, without special characters.
What is the Tesla manual saying?
That’s all you can configure on HS side.

Otherwise, I would say it’s a Musk Topic: Buy my services or leave it. Thou shalt have no other gods before me

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I use LineageOS for microG instead of the default Fairphone OS on my Fairphone 3, but using a WPA2-Personal hotspot with my Model 3 works just fine. I only tested it on 2.4 GHz though because I have other devices that I want to use the hotspot with that don’t support 5 GHz, so if you have trouble I’d say try 2.4 GHz.

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I have tried without security. Tried different hotspot name, different password.
I have connected my Tesla to my home router without an issue. I even named my hotspot the same as my home network and same password, but same issue.

Yes, i tried both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz

Just to note, due to EU Law you cannot use your Smartphone as 5Ghz Hotspot

Did you try to check with Tesla?

Not yet, but i can connect to my home wifi. Need to check with another android phone perhaps. My wife and daughter both have an iphone, but i still need to check if those work.

As I rememer correctly, there was no issue connecting the car to my FP3. As it is an US made Model 3, the WIFI do not cover all channels that are used in the EU. That could be the issue.
Try to connect with my FP4 later and check if there is also an issue.
@AlphaElwedritsch rebooting the car solves some issues from time to time :wink:

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Tesla and Fairphone owner?
I wonder if I am in the right community. Very questionable.

I wonder if there is maybe a questionable information lack we can fix. A lot of misinformation is around the net about Tesla.
Lets have a look at the impact report: Impact | Tesla
To my Knowledge there is no other car brand that is climate positive these times and have a recycling rate of 92% of their products.


And what car brand is acceptable in your eyes? I’m wondering who are you to judge about people you do not even know? Are you perfect, not using any electronic device not build sustainable and fair? I would doubt thats the case, because its impossible.
And even if you might be correct somehow with your statement, it would help to elaborate a bit, instead of just throwing out a trolling comment without any proof or explanantion…


The technical question was:
Connect Tesla Model 3 to Fairphone 3 hotspot

The answers are philosophical

They will not help the questioner. But maybe create a guilty conscience… :wink:

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car? I use a bicycle and public transport.

Thanks for the link to the marketing slides

Individual transportation is always a discussable point.
My tolerance for using anything else than a car is a matter of course. Sadly too often it is not the same the other way round. And almost always my purpose it is not even asked.
A dialog is not possible with this attitude. Too bad.

For completeness; this is the marketing slide of our all beloved Fairphone: Fairphone’s Impact Report 2020 - A challenge to the electronics industry

I from my side will only aswere topic related posts in this thread from now on.


I’ll check if this fixes it Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+ - Discuss / The Products - Fairphone Community Forum

The hotspot i mean, not the car i drive :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t realize that official Fairphone OS is still on Android 10 as I’ve been running 11 for quite some while due to LineageOS. While I still don’t understand why you’re having trouble, an Android 11 upgrade would make your setup more similar to my setup that does work. Fingers crossed!


Unfortunately no difference. Also reset my phone’s network stack, but did not help.
Guess i’ll just have to pay for the premium connectivity on the Tesla

You are correct as that there is no ‘right’ community and all are questionable.

The question is who do you want to question and I will stay well away from Musk company. So no question.