Conductive traces on back of main body of 3 damaged


on the back of the 3 there are ‘painted-on’ traces.
These are damaged on my phone.

I am trying to figure out what these are for. Can anyone help or point me to the relevant documentation?
Can I / should I have these repaired?
My phone works, but I have mediocre signal and an intermittent GPS reception.

best, Lieven

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Do you mean on the inside of the back cover, maybe you could provide a picture?

The original transparent back cover can be replaced with an opaque one which has a slightly raised rubbery surround which I think is there to push against the battery.

Do you mean the little sqaure to the bottom right, not visible on the opaque cover. It appears to be the NFC antenna so it may be an issue if use NFC, but it is only a booster antenna.

If you have problem you could probably replicate with metalic paint or gluing small bits of aluminium foil etc.


thank you for the reply.
So the square under the battery is the nfc-antenna , interesting.

But no:

There are 3 traces on the back of the body. Not on the cover, under the cover on the inside. See picture above.
1-Above the battery at the side of the buttons. This one looks fine.
2-Between the SD-card and the camera, this is the largest pattern and this has chipped off in several places. (it seems pieces stuck to the back cover when I removed the back cover. )
3-A small trace at the bottom, next to the USB-port. This is also damaged on my phone.

Is the second one an antenna?

Yes the top ones look like antenna but real antenna are usually solid wires.

The first one I mentioned is only a logo

I’m becoming more thoughtful that they are just overlays as they all have small points that look like they are for testing, so the painted lines could just be indicators. So they may not be conductive traces.

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