Complete check-up Fairphone 2 possible?

I’ve got lots of troubles with my Fairphone 2… Here’s a small summary:

  • The screen suddenly freezes and a lot of coloured lines appear and dissappear again after a couple of minutes
  • Sometimes the touch does not work, and I need to reboot.
  • The camera doesn’t work anymore → lots of coloured lines as well (which is super annoying because I can’t scan QR-codes either…
  • When I call people, the caller cannot hear me unless I put myself on speaker or I use a microphone.
  • The sound of my phone (on speaker) often doesn’t work…
  • The phone doesn’t charge anymore properly. I removed the case + I put the phone in a certain angle to recharge.

All these problems together make me consider to buy a new phone. But as this is not the filosofy of Fairphone, I would like to know whether you could repair my phone. Can I send it somewhere to have a complete check? Off course I want to pay for the work and the new parts necessary.

Cheers from Belgium!

Hello and welcome to this forum.
It is always sad of course to read of such troubles and I admire your courage and that you took this so brave for quite some time (I guess, as such troubles don’t appear over night).

If you really want to get your phone serviced professionally, you will have to contact support.
You find the info on the support page; attention, the phone is open from 13:00 to 17:00 h only.
Unfortunately, they are - right now and since a while - quite overwhelmed, so it might take some time before they answer your request.

Possibly, there are some technically experienced people here in this forum that can help you with your troubles.
Have you done anything so far?
A first step is always to disassemble the phone and clean it.
For cleaning I would recommend a fine brush or a can with pressurised air to remove dust and debris and > 90% isopropyl alcohol (and a q-tip) to clean the contacts.

Regarding display troubles, there is e.g. this thread in the forum:

Regarding speaker, microphone and charging troubles; they could all together be due to a worn out/defective bottom module. But, before investing 25 Euro plus shipping for a new module, you should check of course, if that would help.
First step could be a test with the checkup tool (Settings > Maintenance > Checkup ).
Click on “Rear Speaker
There are lots of other tests you can perform. With regard to your troubles check at least the primary microphone.

A next step could be to make a test with another module, that is known to work.
Do you know someone else with a FP2, you could change modules with for testing?
If you don’t, you could take a look, if there is one of the #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, that possibly could assist you with a spare module for testing-purposes.

I keep my fingers crossed for you and don’t loose the faith in your device yet.

Cheers from Germany!

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Hi Bert, thank you so much for the reply. I indeed tried already a couple of things… In the mean time, I have already 3 microphone modules. When I use them, the microphone does work again, but breaks very quickly again after a couple of days/weeks. Now I just “solve” the microphone problem by using headphones when I call. But the fact that it breaks again every time, makes me think that there is some hardware problem at the base of it, which causes the icrophone module to brak down…
An allthough I ordered these microphone modules for the problem with my microphone, it is the same module as for charging the phone. So later, when I experienced the charging issues, I reused the old microphone modules, and again for some time (a couple of moths now), charging works, until it’s getting worse and worse (first only charging with certain chargers, then in a certain angle, then I need to put it in an angle + put weight on it to charge…)

I will try the cleaining, and the thing suggested in the other topic now.

My phone can also get quite hot. Maybe there’s something causing the heat? An the heat is cauing other things to break down…?


i have had more or less all the same problems. The solution" was to send it back to Fairphone to !France for a complete checkup. My luck was, the phone was not 2 years old so it had still warranty. The changed the camera and the buttom module.
BUT: the Screen error persists and there are still some errors with taking videos.

So i wish you good luck.
My solution for another fp2 was to send it back and buy a fp3 with some discount. The cost for a repiar on my one would be to expensive compared to a new phone. Knowing, that the fp2 has a lot of bugs, software updates will not come anymore and battery runtime was very poor.

Oh, did you fire the Fairphone people working on Android 9 :slight_smile: ? …

Well, maybe there will come one last update with Android 9. But that’s it.
From the software side its more or less end of life.

I personally wouldn’t call the he simple fact, that there’s a newer version “end of life”.
The end for me comes no sooner, than when there are no longer patches for Android 9.

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