Compiling List of FP2 Issues

Hi all,

After few 2 months, 0 weeks, 6 days using my new FP2, I collect a list of issues some of them very serious than I couldn’t save only for me. I tried but I couldn’t, as they are impoverishing my “smart” phone use.

I write it all here, to let you know and prepare reparations. Please let me know what could I do.

When Calling
1.- Trying to make a call when “Ask Always” activated in SIM Management screen, doesn’t work. A message appears: “Call not sent”. :slight_smile: --> WORKAROUND : “wait for >5 secons at the screen to choose the SIM before choosing one”.

2.- Sometimes after this error appears, phone app keeps locked. It seems it is working on background and remains impossible to start a new call. :slight_smile: The sole solution is to restart the phone.

3.- Ear volume in the call is to too high even if minimum level is selected.:slight_smile: Apparently is corrected in the new update.

4.- Screen proximity sensor doesn’t work quite well, too many times my ear unintentionally puts the phone on pause, or changes to other apps. In this last case, sometimes the person on the other side of the line doesn’t ear to me, and by the time I realize what the problem is, I go to upper band to select phone app as main app (It takes time), the person hangs out. Extense Report here.:unamused:–> WORKAROUND : I used a microfiber cloth to stop this behaviour: it seems due to ultra-sensibility sensor

5.- When opening other applications in between a call without headphones the people on the other side stops receiving audio, until I return to phone app. :disappointed:

6.- So many times times, when calling out, screen turns black even without approaching nothing to the phone, and but it doesn’t turn back operational, in order to send tones (for instance when talking to a machine), it remains black. Not even that but the power button nor volume buttons react. Call goes on, with no way to stop it or way to pulse tone numbers or to restart phone. The only option, is to uncover the “super-easy-cover” and remove battery.

It happent 4 times this morning while I place only 5 calls !! After each call screen reamins black no button reacts. The last time I did not hard-reset the phone, and it recover normality after 4 minutes!!!

When this appens the phone is able to receive calls; receiving a call screen reacts but without sound, ans buttons still are no reacting. :disappointed:

SIM Management
7.- SIM Management menu has an issue, it doesn’t allow to indicate the phone number for each SIM, or to choose what to show as in worked fine previous version FP1.:expressionless:

8.- When starting the phone, at the point of asking for SIM PINS, different square zones appear with flashing behaviour.

9.- When starting the phone, the PIN screen shows transparently the encryption code behind, when encryption is activated, it makes it unclear to use it in low light environment. :unamused: --> WORKAROUND : increase touch & hold delay helps a bit. Also is corrected in new update

10.- Behaviour of touch screen when list-field is very erratic. It makes near IMPOSSIBLE to scroll down or up, or to select one specific item. When touching an item, start scrolling fast up or down. :unamused: --> WORKAROUND : increase touch & hold delay helps a bit. Also is corrected in new update

11.- After a while, having the phone not being used, the screen acts in a sort of hyper sensibility, making impossible to use swipe function in keyboard.:unamused: --> WORKAROUND : increase touch & hold delay helps a bit. Also is corrected in new update

12.- Very annoying light vibration in the screen which are perceived in home screen (blocked or not) and in apps with light colours.:slight_smile: --> WORKAROUND: Turn off Auto brighness.

13.- The quality of the camera image seems to be very-less than previous model FP1. I take photos with same characteristics to the same object, a text for instance, and it shows well enough with FP1 and not readable with FP2. Due to that I have many QR codes not catched up by QR app. :worried:

14.- The usability of the camera software is lower than previous model FP1. The image on the software doesn’t use all the screen.:smile: I use your recommanded camera app Open Camera ; also it came solved in the new update.

15.- I didn’t find a path to configure the shooter sound off. Allways sounds when taking a picture no matter other volume or vibration options. :smile: --> SOLUTION : it is solved with next update.

16.- Physical button has rather no utility. The only use I find is to take selfies with the main camera. How could we configure to give it some life? :unamused:

  1. After taking a picture, with the phone blocked, a second floating icon appears. It works to access the photo gallery, but instead of the “normal” icon it ask to unblock the phone. This is rare, and useless. The “normal” icon permits access to the last pictures took while phone is blocked. If accidentally I touch this icon, the unblock screen appears, and I lost the opportunity to access the last pictures without unblocking. It worked different and better in FP1. :expressionless: :unamused: --> WORKAROUND: Use another app

Photo Gallery
18.- The zoom on the image doesn’t work well. Sometimes it permits a little zooming, only while holding fingers on it. It works fine for gallery but it doesn’t work in a picture. :unamused: --> WORKAROUND: Use another app

19.- Starting process takes up 3 minutes after put the PIN. Rare. :expressionless: --> Could be due to encryption

20.- There is not a fully translation to Catalan. Some texts continue to appear in English or Spanish.

21.- Phone isn’t rooted. We don’t have Administrator privileges, while we had in previous FP1. :smile: There is a way here.

22.- I’ve had some locks, too much, normally in between or after a phone call. The only solution was to make a hard reset (battery off and on), no one key responded. :worried: --> It seems it is due to proxymity sensor. I get the screen back by super-cleanning the sensor. Phone also reborn when receiving a call.

23.- If needed to make a hard reset (battery off and on) it becomes cumbersome because the cover.:expressionless: Press de power button for a loooong time, longest than expected and phone switches off.

I realize I make a bad move, my FP2 experience is poor than I had with FP1; and now I cannot turn back to FP1.

I maintain the hope and confidence in this FairPhone project, even with this so long list of issues; and I hope this list could help you improve but I’m affraid it continues this way I will retire FP2, may be I could recover some of 500€ it tooks.

Maybe some of this issues are yet kown, posted, or in work, sorry.

Good luck, Bon courage.


ps. A part of this list the rest works fine or very well, and hardware seems perfect.

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do you know this list:

Some of your issues and workarounds are mentioned there.

I think many software bugs will be solved with the upcoming update, which is currently tested and will be released hopefully soon.


Some quick comments to make your life with FP2 easier:
4. Workarounds can be found here.
6. This might be related to 4. See this post for workarounds.
7. This depends on the SIM. Some SIMs show their number, others don’t.
10. + 11. Workaround: increase touch & hold delay
13. This might be due to defective hardware. Contact support.
14. Use another camera app like Open Camera or Camera MX.
15. This will be possible after the next update. In the meantime, use another camera app like Camera MX, that already includes this feature.
16. What would you like to do with it?
17. Use another camera app.
18. Use another gallery app.
19. This might be due to encryption.
20. I think it could be of great help if you make a list of the lacking translations. So it could be fixed in a future update.
21. Now it’s very easy to root. Here are the instructions.
22.+23. It’s no necessary to take the battery out. Just press the power button a looooong time, until your phone switches off.


I ddn’t know. Thx werner and Irina.

All your answers are good and working for me. Thanks.

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