Closed Poll: Berlin, community campaign film 18 March!

Can you join in our community campaign film on 18 March in Berlin?

  • Yes, I can attend
  • No, I live in Berlin but cannot attend
  • No, I don’t live in Berlin but would like to attend a community meetup

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Next week, Wednesday 18 March, Fairphone team members will be in Berlin. We are creating a campaign film to put a face to the Fairphone community.

More details to come: But I want you all to Save the Date for Wednesday 18 March 1600-onwards.

Before we publicize on our other channels, please already give us an indication if you can attend by filling out the poll above. Looking forward to it!

Fairphone in Berlin: Community Campaign Film
Wednesday, March 18 at 4:00pm - 8:30pm
Posteo Lab Methfesselstrasse 36 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg

An alle Fairphone Besitzer, Community Mitglieder, Anhänger, Kritiker und Fanatiker!

Wir machen einen Fairphone Kampagnen Film und wir wollen die Leute dabei haben, die uns auf unserem Weg so grossartig unterstützt haben. Nächste Woche wird sich ein Teil des Fairphone Teams auf den Weg machen um den Film zu produzieren. Der Film soll die vielen Gesichter der Leute zeigen die Fairphone ermöglicht haben, während wir uns auf die Veröffentlichung vom neuen Fairphone vorbereiten.

In Berlin werden wir zu Gast bei Posteo sein, einem Email Anbieter der seinen Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit und Privatsphäre legt. Das Posteo Lab ist in der alten Schultheiss Brauerei, einem Gebäude das so nachhaltig wie möglich angelegt ist und zu 100% mit Ökostrom von Greenpeace Energy versorgt wird. Wir werden um 16 Uhr mit dem filmen beginnen und anschliessend können wir dann noch gemütlich zusammen sitzen und bis 20.30 Uhr ein paar biologische Getränke gemeinsam geniessen.

Du kannst ab 16Uhr jederzeit vorbeischauen, denn das filmen wird individuell gemacht und dauert pro Person nicht mehr als 10-20 Minuten.

Auch wenn du lieber nicht individuell vor der Kamera auftauchst, bist du herzlich eingeladen im Laufe des Abends auf ein paar Drinks vorbeizuschauen und Leute aus dem Fairphone Team sowie andere Community Mitglieder kennenzulernen!


To all Fairphone owners, community members, followers, fanatics, critics, pledgers:

We’re making a Fairphone campaign film, and we want to include the people who have supported us along the way!

Next week, a few Fairphone team members will be on the road to produce a community campaign film. This short video aims to show a variety of people that have made Fairphone possible, as we begin the next step of our journey.


Posteo Lab is the headquarters of Posteo, an email service provider focusing on sustainability and privacy. The location is an old brewery that is dedicated to sustainability and running entirely on Greenpeace energy. We welcome you at 1600 to take part in the filming, and we will continue with some organic drinks and a community meetup until 20:30.

Feel free to come when you can during the opening hours - we’ll be filming individually and it should take between 10-20 minutes per person.

If you can’t come to the filming, please drop by in the evening for a drink!

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Yay, will be there! :smile:


I will try to be there but depending on the location I might arrive slightly late.

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Just a wild assumption: quite some of the people owning Fairphones might not be in Berlin on March 18th. There’s a large “Bloccupy” event planned in Frankfurt/Main for that day. I just heard there’s a specially booked train coming in from Berlin (sold out), and buses from quite some countries all over Europe. Naomi Klein is one of the confirmed speakers. To me, it seems like algorithms would pop out something like “people who are interested in Fairphone would also be interested in this event”. :smile:

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More details about next week’s filming and community meetup.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 18 March at Posteo Lab in Berlin-Kreuzberg, from 1600-2030.
Address: Posteo Lab Methfesselstrasse 36 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg

If you can, please register that you’re going here:

*Feel free to bring Fairphone fans, friends, roommates. We hope to meet some of you in person!


Thanks for the event!

It was great to meet you guys and meet the community.

Let’s do it again! :smiley:

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Yes, it was great! I hope to share some photos soon. Thanks for hanging out @stojmas.

It was a pretty nice turnout - I think at least 50 people throughout the evening.