[Closed] Looking for a FP2 bottom module

Hello everyone,
I need a new bottom module for fairphone 2.
I’m living in Germany and would prefer to buy one from Germany to avoid taxes, but I’m open to offers from outside of Germany too.

Thank you

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

You’re in luck. It seems this store has the FP2 Bottom Module still in stock, and its in Germany. The stock is very limited though, so you might need to act fast.

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OK, and that costs 60€ by now!!!

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Really. That’s tough.
I guess, they want to bar people from ordering “just in case”, even though not really in need, while cashing in on people, that are in need.

I have the impression they increase the price with every module sold, because in an older discussion it was ‘only’ 50€, while the original price was something about 40€.

Thank you all, I already found a cheaper solution! So I’ll close the topic

Topic is CLOSED, but I can’t edit a CLOSED next to the title because there is no function to edit it? so for now I only flagged it

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