Clock app crash

I’ve just updated to Fairphone Open 17.06.4 on my Fairphone 2. The Clock app now crashes when I press the ‘globe’ button to access different time zones.

I can confirm this.

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Thanks for the screenshot.

I can confirm this, too.
The other buttons in the App at the same place (add new alarm time, start the stopwatch) work though, it’s only the globe that doesn’t.

I can confirm this too.
Sometimes the list of places show up for a second, then the app crashes

I can also confirm this.

This is still the case after updating to 17.07.6.

Did someone post this in the #bugtracker?

If so please provide a link to the report.

I didn’t know about the bug tracker. I’ve created an issue:

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no changes,
still the case on a fresh installed Fairphone Open on my Fairphone 2

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