ClipSync not longer working since Android 10

When using ClipSync, it first starts but crashes when switching to the QR code scanner app:

The source seems to be a new restriction which was not in Android 9:

Affected app:

I normally use this app in combination with

to scan the new Swiss payment forms (“QR-Einzahlungsschein”) to process the record data in the accounting software.

At the moment, the following way is working only: Add a note into the MPE note app which is part of

and then get it from the Windows PC but this is very cumbersome.

Thanks for hints for a replacement solution (QR scanner app which is able to transfer the extracted data to the Windows clipboard directly).

Hm, Google Lens can do a lot of this too, and more too – you might want to try that (since you’re getting things from the Play Store I’m assuming you’re not degoogled).

Hi meilebiz

the easiest (but old school) method of exchanging data between the mobile and the desktop pc became for me the good old email.
Some may call it old and lame but this way you don´t have to spam your information to any suspicious app provider who will surely also suck all the information into their databases to sell them to their customers :wink:

Be friendly to yourself:
Write an email to the person you love the most: yourself :wink:

About the QR-scanner:
The scanner you use requires a lot of permissions just to scan a QR code.
It would be interesting to hear from the developers why they needed so much permissions for such an easy task. Is this app just scanning QRs … or are they making money with more of your private data ? :wink:
At least I´m wondering why this app even wants access to your mobile´s contact list …

Maybe you like to try out an alternative QR-scanner which is much more private than the one you use. I would recommend either:

From PlayStore:
QR Scanner (Privacy Friendly)
→ only needs permission for the camera - works fine

From F-Droid:


“See the website for troubleshooting and explanations of the permissions. The app allows you to share contacts, apps, and bookmarks in a QR Code. This is why contacts permissions are needed. See ‘Visit Developer Website’ below ( Frequently Asked Questions · zxing/zxing Wiki · GitHub ).”

Source: Barcode Scanner | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository :wink:

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regarding Swiss QR Bills: You could try this app called QR Zahlteil App:

In my case, my bank offers me an app that allows me to scan QR bills directly into my e-banking. That might be another possibility…

Thx for the link, AnotherElk
at least a plausible explantation

Don’t forget the wonderful (and free software, and you-can-run-your-own-everything) SyncThing.

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Thanks @nickalcock for this hint!

Took me few days to fight down my laziness to set this up on a dedicated device but works nice and flawlessly so far. Great hint esp. for syncing between different systems.

The only thing I´m wondering about at the moment:
Installed on the mobile Syncthing comes with the price of running in the backgound all (or most) of the time and checking for changes which consumes battery power.
Maybe I got to dig deeper into the settings for that it only syncs my mobile´s folders only on demand and not all the time …
If that´s not possible I guess I´ll stay with my old school method until I need such a sync more often than 1-3 times each quarter :wink:

Nevertheless: a great open source tool! Worth a try and easy to set up.


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Well, it checks for changes using inotify (using GitHub - syncthing/notify: File system event notification library on steroids.), which consumes zero CPU time (the kernel notifies SyncThing when things of interest change). You do still need to turn battery optimization off for it, or it’ll tend to get killed while it tries to do the actual transfers (that’s too much work in the background! no it isn’t, it’s what we installed it for).
It consumes very little battery power indeed, as the battery usage graph should show. (If it does consume noticeable amounts of power, that’s a bug. Mine threw several dozen photos over since the last charge and shows no power usage at all.)

Hello to all.

Thanks for all replies.

I first made an attempt using DroidCam and Code Two’s Windows QR decoder app. This attempt failed since the image decoder part fails constantly.

But works fairly well so I even don’t longer need the VBScript routine because it allows to communicate with the financial app directly.

KDE Connect might be of use here. it’s got a button that sends the clipboard content between devices, and you can put it in the quick settings area for easy access. and contrary to what the name would suggest, it works on any Linux desktop environment, not just KDE, and on Windows as well.

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