Cleaning a salt water damaged display

I dropped my FP2 into the sea. For the second time. I immediately removed the battery, disassembled all modules and cleaned them first in a water bath and after that in ethanol. After drying it thoroughly under forced ventilation I reassembled everything and it works like a charm.

Except for the display. It looks like there is water trapped between the glass and the OLED module. As far as I can tell no individual pixels are dead and the touch screen works. It just looks like my phone is on LSD (especially since the water pattern slowly changes over the day).

When disassembling I could not see any traces of water on the display module. Because of that and due to not knowing how the OLED module is sealed, I did not clean the display module as I cleaned the other modules.

After using the phone for a day, I put it into a litre of silica in the hope to lure out remaining water. But given that the trapped water is pacific salt water I would prefer to flood the display module in water&ethanol as I did it with the other modules.

Does anybody have experience or theoretical knowledge how the display module reacts to a water/ethanol bath?

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FP2 doesn’t have an OLED display, but that’s beside the point.
I’m not sure, but I think a short water bath shouldn’t hurt. Just make sure nothing rusts.
Also if you find anything out please add it to the #waterwiki.

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I’ve read that instead of normal water destilled water should be used.


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