Chromecast and Open OS

Since the latest upgrade to Android 7, a nice ‘Cast’ icon has appeared in the notification bar :slight_smile:
I guess it is related to Chromecast and I wanted to know if anyone was able to make it work on Fairphone OS ?
If I try to use it, a screen appears telling ‘no device available’. I was assuming it was related to some missing driver so I tried to install ‘Google Home’ (using Yalp Store) to get the ChromeCast software stack. Surprisingly, the app installed successfully (I was thinking that it would fail due to the lack of Google Services) but unfortunately it crashes everytime I try to run it.

Anyone would have an idea about how to make it work ? Do you know if Chromecast protocol is somehow ‘open’ and some open source alternatives would exist ?

Thanks !

“Cast” is a general screen mirroring/screencasting/external display technique. And it shouldn’t require the installation of an app. I have used it successfully with my Samsung BluRay player at home and our videoconferencing solution at work (LineageOS with opengapps and Ubuntu Touch without any Google stuff).

From what I saw in a quick web search, Google’s chromecast seems to require an app, so it’s probably some proprietary protocol.

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The cast feature implemented is Miracast, which allows you to connect your phone to e.g. your TV or any Windows PC via WiFi. I don’t know about Chromecast but since it’s from G00gle it’s probably proprietary and requires Play Services.

Thanks !
Indeed I was able to cast to my Sony TV directly, that’s great.
One funny thing: my friend tried to connect using the ‘cast’ button and its Android device (which is using Android WITH google services) did not display the TV directly but the Chromecast connected to it. Looks like the cast feature does not behave the same depending on whether Android includes Google or not ?

It’s a differeant feature, Miracast is not Chromecast.

Same positive experience : Miracast is working well with a wireless HDMI dongle :slight_smile:

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