Charging time F5

How long does it take to load your F5? Mine is taking more than 14 hrs. Is this normal?

I think, it should take about max. 2-3 hours.

It depends if you use fast charging or economic charging. See the parameters in the battery section.

And also on cable and charger

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The official specifications indicate a capability to charge to 50% in 20 minutes with a 30 W charger. However it’s best to charge more slowly when you can. I usually use a 2A or 1A charger, or a PC USB port.

14h is certainly unusual. Could you give specifications of the charger, or are you using a computer USB port or a power bank?

Even an old 1A charger from ten years ago should charge the FP5 battery from 20 to 80% in a little over 2.5h.

I haven’t been able to reach 80% since yesterday. It says slow charging and I am using a usb cable from my earphones. I just bought the phone and I didn’t by the cable with it. So I am relying on what I have at home.

You should buy or borrow a brand new cable.

Not only the cable but the mains adapter also? That might have only a few Watts, because earphones have much smaller battery, than the phone.

Which earphones and what are the specs of the charger?

You are right. I just ordered the cable and charger. I hope it comes soon. You are right about the earphone problem. I should have bought the cable from the start. Good to know that this is not normal. I hope it gets better once the cable comes. Thanks!

But maybe 79%? There’s a limit that you can set in the battery settings which prevents the battery from having to go the last stressful mile from 80 to 100%.
About the adaptor: It is always written on the adaptor what current/power it can deliver. Typical values for older adaptors are 1000 mA (or 1 A) current which multiplied with the USB voltage of 5 V means 5 Watts. I’m using such an adaptor from my FP2 and I think it takes about 1-2 hours (I don’t let it run completely empty usually) until my FP5 has reached the 80% limit that I’ve enabled.

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