Charging problems with Fairphone 3+

I’m a very happy user of a Faiphone 3+.

In the last months I started, anyway, to have problems when charging it. I tested with several charges and cables (including the official ones) but the problem is always present: in many cases, especially when the battery charge level is very low (it always happens with the red indicator, and sometimes happens when the battery level is higher).

This is the behavior: I connect the charge at the charge starts but, after a time comprised between some seconds and a minute about, it stops charging. If I unplug and plug the cable back, it usually starts working correctly but, in some cases, I must try unplugging and plugging again several times, especially when the battery is almost completely discharged.

I tried cleaning the connector (and I can confirm there are no false contacts, in fact, when the charge correctly starts, it don’est stop even if I move the device or the cable or the connector).

I also checked the battery state with several apps and it’s reported as good.

I suppose it’s maybe not an hardware issue but a software one. I just installed the “Ampere” app and will start using it to find any problems when the problem happens again.

Can you suggest any procedure I can try for trying to investigate the issue (logs, and so on…)?

Hi Felice.

Please let support[at}fairphone[dot]com know of your problem, they may opt to repair if for you once they are convinced that you have the default OS updated and are using suitable cables and charger etc.

Alternatively if you have a #fairphoneangel near you they may have an alternative bottom module you can try.

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I contacted them, thanx.

I anyway also noticed that, when the problem occurs, Ampere app (or any other charge monitoring app) reports 150-200 mA, instead of the 1500-2000 mA I can see when the charge proceeds normally.

Unfortunately the neares #fairphoneangel is not so near to where I live.

if the battery goes low, you don’t say how low, the charge can be reduced. My phone did a similar thing sometimes then settled around 600mA/Hr then after some 4 to 5 months it went up to around 1200mA/Hr

The only time it has dropped is when I use a different cable from my ‘usual’ Fairphone one.

I did read somewhere that the phone has a learning ability and applies an algorithm for the charger and cable used. The cable has to be a data enabled cable as the phone sends commands to the charger. Of course the charger has to be Qualcomm QC3 to be able to respond to the commands.

Fairphone specs say the phone should charge in 3.5Hrs that’s around 1000mA/Hr

open up battery section

Ampere app says the current max capacity is 2000mA.

Anyway, I’m testing it with both the official charger (and cable) and with a different high-speed one.

With the original charger (and that’s here that I first noticed the problem), when it works (it actually starts charging), it now charges at 300/400 mA.

With the other charger (from a previous Motorola device), it charges at 2000 mA.

Given that Fairphone state 3.5 hours for a 3000mAH battery there seems to be anomalies.

The Ampre App statement of 2000mA should mean that is the maximum for a short time as 2A (2000mA) would produce enough charge in 1.5 hours ad given battery charging efficiency more like 2 hours. Then there is the low charge rates that apply to a flat battery of 0% and a near full charge 90% when the charge rate will be reduced so let’s say 3 hours.

I use an old 12v car charger that can provide 2A at 5v and the calculated rate at best is 2.75 hours but that is only as I charger in the intermediary range of 30% to 90%, usually.

It is all a bit of a mystery and although I asked Fairphone for detailed information on this I received numerous spurious responses.

Well hopefully you have establishes a satisfactory charger setup :slight_smile:

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