Charging port fell out, are there external battery chargers?

I have been witnessing some issues with charging my battery lately, mainly because when I plugged in my charging cord, the phone wouldn’t recognize that it was plugged in. Yesterday, when I tried the usual “plug in plug out until the phone reacts”, the whole mini USB port just came out of the phone. I tried fixing it but I don’t have the right tools.

My questions : Is this fixable? If yes, how ? If no, is there an external charger that I could use ? The whole phone still works, I just can’t charge my battery in it anymore.
Any help appreciated !

Please continue here for external chargers:

and here for the USB port issue:

Thank you for the quick answer, I’ll definitely get an external charger.

I tried fixing it again in the meantime by just folding a tiny piece of paper and jamming it between the phone frame and the port to apply pressure on the connectors to the motherboard. Now the LED blinks green slowly when the phone is plugged in or it has a steady red light. And the area around the port on the phone is heating up, which means that there is definitely energy coming through at some point.

The phone still doesn’t react or turn on though and my computer doesn’t recognize the phone

My advice is to get your phone to a local repair store and they might be able to solve your issue within the hour (I know of such a store in Vienna and I’m sure there are more such stores, also in your region). Many phones suffer the USB connector breakdown, so repair stores have to deal with these problems quite often.

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