Charging from PC


I cannot charge my FP3 when connected to computer and computer is turned off. It does say “Charging slowly” and I can see the lightning on the battery icon but in reality it does not charge. The battery percentage drops over time. Other phones do charge when connected to computer and computer is turned off.
Any idea what might be the issue?


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Does the phone charge normally if you use the same cable with a charger?
Did you try a different cable to charge the phone on the computer port?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes. The phone charges normally if I use the same cable with a charger. It also charges normally if I use the same cable on the computer when the computer is turned on.
Yes. I tried several cables.

Ok, it really seems odd then that it would behave differently than other phones on the same port. But the Fairphone 3 proves to be kind of picky with charging components time and again, unfortunately.

The only idea I would have is that perhaps some setting in the computer BIOS or UEFI could do something, as I’ve seen settings regarding charging via the USB ports when system turned off in some BIOS, but this of course will differ from mainboard to mainboard.

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Thanks again for your reply.

I checked but there is nothing related to this.
I’m afraid there is something wrong with the phone itself. I’m not sure if related but I also have a problem with Android Auto: Android Auto Does Not Work


That is odd; as if the computer is off then I wouldn’t expect any supply to the USB ports. What computer are you using?

The Fairphone use an ‘intelligent’ charger that reads the supply it’s connected to to decide how to interact with the voltage. It can convert 19V to 4.4V for charging.

You say ‘other phones’ but what are they and do they use the Qualcom Quick charging algorithm: if not then they will just use what is available. The Fairphone may decide the computer is not powerful enough, clearly not very intelligent :slight_smile: and of course the charging module and controls may be not working well.

How long have you had the phone? Time wise, it is still be under warranty if you can’t resolve it casually ~ like with help from here.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s a desktop. Motherboard is Asus STRIX Z370-E.
My old phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It charges the same speed whether the PC is turned on or off. My smartwatch and my wireless headphones also charge when the PC is turned off.

The weird thing is that the phone does say it is “Charging slowly” but in reality it is not charging.

I’ve had the phone for less than a week.

First the official stuff: you have 14 days from receipt to contact fairphone to say you want to return it for a full refund.

if you ask for help it will take you well beyond the 14 days so you would have to arrange that they will take it back for a full refund if you and they are prepared to go through a lengthy (weeks or months) analysis.

The analysis may just end up saying get a proper charger, so you had better see if you can charge it otherwise and decide whether to keep the phone.

Your motherboard has USB 2 and USB 3 outputs, is it the same on all?

Do you have some alternative charging options?

You could try to set “USB Type C Power Switch” to Enabled (if it isn’t already), see English manual page 3-19 …


It is indeed the same on all ports.
At the moment I don’t have another charging options. I usually just connect my phone to the PC when I go to sleep.
But as you said, probably best option is just to buy a charger.

I did already try both options that but it didn’t solve the issue.

Thank you guys for your help. Really appreciate it.


What happens if you plug the phone while computer on, and then switch the computer off?
Does it charge while the phone off? (I mean really charge, if you let some time and then check the battery percentage)

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I tried that. Same.
I waited for more than an hour but the battery percentage never changed.
I have a feeling that while PC is off the phone does charge but extremely slowly that it balances out with consumption. That’s why battery percentage never changes. I’m gonna make another test tonight.
I didn’t try to charge while both the PC and the phone are off.



Old USB ports would at least give .5A, and form what I can tell if you can chareg other phones it can do that. As the USB gives out 5V and the battery requires 4.4V it should take twice as long as the battery Ah to charge. I.e. with a 3000mAh (3Ah) battery in the fairphone it should that just over 6 hours to charge (given efficiency losses).

You can of course put the phone in aeroplane mode to ensure there are no radio drain, but it should charge.

Just to mention, there are tons of topics about charging slowly, I don’t know if you already had a look: Search results for 'slow charge' - Fairphone Community Forum
Most of them won’t be related, but if you can find something interesting…

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Yes here’s my lovely take on that :slight_smile:

Hello guys.

I connected my phone yesterday to my PC and went to sleep. The PC was turned off of course.
The phone did charge but extremely slowly. After 7-8 hours it charged 7% only. Note that WiFi, mobile data, and Bluetooth were all turned off.

When PC is turned on it charges slowly but not like this.

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You mean it’s better when switched on?

Are you sure that feature of your PC is really meant to charge external devices, and not just to supply for example a keyboard, allowing to wake up the PC?


Yes. When PC is turned on the phone charges way better.

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