Charger can't charge

I use the European charger for Fairphone and after months of use it does not work well. If I connect my Fairphone 2 to the laptop with the USB cable of the charger, the green light on the phone will turn on and charge. But if with that same USB cable I put it in the plug with the charger, at the moment the green light of the mobile disappears and it does not charge, so I guess the problem comes from the charger. I tried to remove and put the battery to the mobile to rule out that the problem came from the phone, and the same thing keeps happening. Should I do any more tests to verify that the problem comes from the charger?

Actually this colour as I know it from FP2 is the only one signaling a charge level of more than 95%.
So you want to fill up the remaining 5%?

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90% currently, might have been different with old firmware … but you are correct, green indicates nearly full charge.

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I use Fairphone Open OS and the green light is always on when the phone is charging. The software is updated.

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If possible, I would do the following tests:

  1. Use the original USB cable with a different charger.
  2. Use a different USB cable with the charger.
  3. Charge a different phone with the original USB cable & charger.
    If charging fails in scenario 1, most probably the cable is broken.
    In case test 2 fails, I’d assume it’s the charger.
    If the other phone charges fine (test 3), I guess the FP2’s bottom module is defective.

With the USB cable connected to the laptop works well. In contrast, another USB cable connected to the plug does not work. The problem is with the charger.

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