Changing the blue logo boot screen

Is there an easy way to remove the blue fairphone logo which appears when booting the phone?
It is burning my eyes when I turn it on in the morning :smile:

No there is not and why dont you just enable Flightmode instead of turning the phone completely off?

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Why should I enable Flightmode instead of turning it completely off?

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Because your eyes dont get burned in the morning and there is no real advantage in turning it off.

I don’t get this. I would assume that a smartphone needs more energy in flight mode in comparison to be completely off. I don’t need to be updated with all the messages right after waking up. The power button shall be of that quality that a usage of two times a day doesn’t break it.

Booting up, loading all apps and background tasks costs a lot of energy too, flight mode might be the less power consuming choice at the end.


Ok, understood.
You’re right, since every now and then the phone looses up to two percent of battery within the first 10 minutes after powering up.

I actually measured it.
Energy consumption, booting, first 2 minutes: 95 mWh
Airplane mode: 96 mWh per hour


It was possible for the Fairphone 2:

Maybe there’s a similar solution for the FP5?

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