Changing default SIM card for data connection?

I have 2 sim cards in my FP: one for everything you usually do on a phone except for mobile internet and one that is for 3G mobile Internet use only. When I enable data connection, it always do it on the other sim. I haven’t found out how to default 3G connection to sim 2. Can you help?

Go to settings > Sim Management > Data connection
There select the SIM you wish to use for 3G data.

Yes that’s what I had done, but that does not default it to the sim of your choice. Switch off data connection, and when you switch it back on, it is again defaulted to the other sim… Any other suggestion?

maybe this helps:

Thre is something missing then, because I do exactly the same and for me it works (and without tasker or anything else).
When you select SIM2 for the data connection, do you get the message warning, among others, that also the MMS will be rerouted there?

No, no message. And when I select Sim2, I can tell that it is a one-off occurence: there is no message saying that the chosen sim will now be the default one…

I use SIM1 for my private number and SIM2 for work, but some apps only selects SIM1 by default. For instance parking payments or voting for TV shows. I would like to be able to select on which invoice (on which SIM) the charged fee will be put. But this maybe is an app issue and not a FP issue?

I moved your post here because it already deals with your issue. I hope we can find a solution!