Change glass back camera/flash


on my phone the glass is broken. The midframe with the glass is out of stock.
Has anyone changed only the glass? how thick is it? Is it glued?
I think about using a coverglass for a microscope and cut it to size.

Thanks for response


Hi Michael,

I am really impressed by your courage and this is an inventive solution.

I do hope we will have midframes in stock again somewhere next week. But I am curious if there are people who tried alternative solutions!

So I will be watching this topic for a bit!

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so I did it- I changed the camera/flash glass.
First I heated the glass a litte with a hair dryer. The glass pieces where easy to remove.
Then I tried to cut a microscopy cover glass to size - but it was to thin to cut.
So I took a stage glass. It is a little thicker then the original glass - but not to thick.
I cut it to size (glass cutter and sandpaper).

The problem then was, that some of the original glue was on the old glass. So I took some new glue (but very litte, so that nothing is pressed to the lens or flash when putting in the glass.
Clean the glass form the downside and put it in.

First try: Photos seem to be perfect.

BUT - now the problem: The original glass is black between flash and lense - so that the light of the flash has no direct way to the lense

Thats why photos with flash have a white shadow.

My solution (would be to use two pieces of glass with a seperator between (e.g. a piece of plastic).
I write when I did it.

I don’t know how often the glass breaks - but if it’s a standard problem it would be fine to get only the glass (with glue) and not the whole middleframe.
This will safe resources and the phone must not be disassambled for fixing.




I have the same problem…I had my Fairphone in my back pocket and I forgot it, so I sat down and the plastic in front of the camera was broken (but just in front of the camera lens…). Now the photos are a little bit blurred… I want to ask you, if this plastic cover is stuck with glue. Unless I think I can turn it, so the scratches will cover the flash and the camera lens will be clear again. Can this be possible?

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yes the glas was glued to the plastic. I heated it with a normal hairdryer and then I could remove it.
But your idea wont work - because the flash “hole” in the glas is smaller than the camera.


my camera/flash glass is broken also.
I would like to remove the pieces now because all photos seemd to be shaddowed in milky touch.
But I’m not able to cut my own glass, like @Michael_Sachs did (great job!! :smiley:)!!
Do you have new glasses to buy @Marco? If yes, I would replace it by myself.
Do you think it’s a good idea to remove the broken glass without putting a new in? What will happen to the camera?
Do you have other ideas?

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I would like to have my FP1 fixed within the next 30 days… And I’d like to ask what is the difference between FP1 midframe (out of stock) and FP1U (available)

@toyotis - If you haven’t had a response, I would suggest going to support directly as we wouldn’t know the differences here in the community.

Hello Fairphoners

I dropped my Fairphone last month - successfully replaced the display (so much easier than replacing an iphone screen!) but then I realised the camera glass on the back case is also broken. It also makes my phone a lot less waterproof!

This is not included in the package on the Fairphone shop for a replacement camera - that only has an internal camera replacement. The glass on the back case I cannot see available. Does anyone know where I can buy it? If it is not available I think this is a big oversight from Fairphone, a glass component is easily broken and all pieces should be available somewhere for replacement, especially breakable ones.


It’s the midframe you are looking for, I think.

I changed the category from Help to Repair.

Ah that looks like it, thanks!