Change font on FP3?

I have a query, I’m eagerly awaiting my FP3 and I have a question about fonts.

Is it possible to change the Font on a stock FP3?
I am fond of a very specific font called abeezee because it helps me read more easily and would love to use it on the phone.

I have searched and came across this
previous discussion on the FP2 but it didn’t tell me much.

I’m unsure if the phone comes pre-installed with a variety of fonts to choose from or, like my HTC10, has a “theme” app that can modify the default font.

Any insight greatfully received :slight_smile:

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FWIW, I am positive you can change the font on a rooted FP2 running LineageOS 16 (= based on Android 9 Pi) + microG + Magisk as I have tried that very thing (I tried a couple of fonts including perhaps Google’s proprietary Product Sans font, and Apple’s proprietary San Francisco font; either not recommended).

However the FP3 is not by default rooted.

ok, thank you @JeroenH

Guess we’ll have to work with the fonts on the default OS until the Open OS comes and then we can see what’s doing :slight_smile:

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