Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

Hi! Got an answer from, but all in all it’s a little bit disappointing.
They are not sure if the Mitch6 is fitting the FP2, the next size is the Mitch 10. I should try in a store with their stuff which is working out.
No answer about a series or a special edition for the FP2 or changing the beltclip.
So sorry no really news! :disappointed_relieved:


Mitch6 uncertain is what I myself deduced as well, pity they can’t give more exact info. I don’t know of a shop where I can try it. WAAR in The Netherlands sells Feurwear bags, but only a small selection of the total arsenal. I’ll probably order a Mitch10 for myself, but with the FP2 not being delivered before 21 december at the earliest there’s no hurry.

But thanks for asking them, @vowi

Do they have smartphone cases there? I would imagine if they have the cases, they might have them in all their different sizes. There are only 6 different ones…


Hi @Vincent Hi @all! Got an additional answer from feuerwear about the cases.
Supposable there will be no special edition for the FP2, because it’s next to Mitch6 ord Mitch10.
Other colours than red, white and black are not possible and a new Lightline (neon) edition will come up mid 2016.
The beltclip will not be changed for dual use (horizotal and vertical) because most of the customers prefer vertical.
There is a shopfinder in English
Nice weekend!
@Vinni where did you got that list for the Mitch cases??

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Thanks @vowi for your inquiries.

In the Netherlands, Feuerwear cases can be bought offline at the WAAR fair trade store. They only sell the Mitch 6 however and it was sold out in my hometown, but the store will message me when it gets delivered to them again. Then if my Fairphone 2 gets delivered the week before Christmas, I can visit the store to physically try out if the Mitch 6 will fit. If not, I can always order the Mitch 10 online from I will keep you all updated, if I indeed get the chance to try out if the Mitch 6 will fit the FP2 or not.

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I checked on their website which phones they offer with which case and then wrote down the sizes of those phones


Which case for Fairphone 2 ? It would be nice if we could have a flip case, it’s not ?
Best regards
Gad Bigbeta

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How about the Freitag phone cases? They look pretty cool, and are made from recycled truck tarps.
Anyone now which one the FP2 will fit in ??

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Lots of talk about cases (which are not necessary) but not talk about screen protectors - has anyone heard of a company who is going to produce screen films for the FP2? I’d really like my screen protected from day 1…

Got mine for the FP2 via amazon from But as we all know if they fit I can tell You after XMas.

I had bought a Vikuiti Mysunshadedisplay for my Fairphone 2 here:

Are you two sure these are the correct screen protectors? As far as I understand, the shops mistakenly sell the protectors as made for the FP2 but what they really mean is the FP 1U. It even says Fairphone 2 (2014) which means they can not mean the actual Fairphone 2…


I hope that’s right…

What I can tell for sure: they won’t fit on a FP1 and the cutouts can fit the FP2. So we will see…:sunglasses:
Here the original link from amazon:

I wrote to the German pendant and informed them about their mistake. Now they changed the description to FP 1U. They said they will add foils for the FP2 to their shop as soon as possible.

So to make it clear: The previously mentioned Foils DO NOT FIT for the FP2. That was a mistake by the foil resellers/manufacturers.


Oh noooo! I have to return mine

I still want something to have my Fairphone in.
Alot of people say i dont need a case or anything, but i would still like one!
I think it looks good, i think it is a good place to have creditcards, notes, what ever.
im thinking about something like this or this. The point is that i want something to have it in…
Now that the phone is out there, does anyone now what would fit the phone ?
And is Fairphone making a fair “wallet case” or simular ? Maybe they could talk to the companies that already make a fair product, so it could be made to the fairphone spesifications. maybe with a logo too…

Still waiting for my phone. #7xxx black translucent.

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Has anyone found a screen protector yet that they can recommend?

I found these but I haven’t bought one yet:

If you search a Fairphone 2 case with recyceled materials maybe this is interesting for you:

Mobile phone cases make out of old fire hoses. I´m using the “Mitch-9”-case.


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Hi there, I had the chance to try feuerwear cases in a shop and here’s the result:
Mitch 6 fits perfectly for the FP2. it’s tight, true, but I guess this is the way it should be. Mitch 10 is very large. the phone won’t fall out, but lots of bumping around in the case.

Thanks for pointing me to this brand, the design is really good and product quality looks very long-lasting and convincing. Thumbs up for feuerwear!