Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

Seeing that the integrated case will be exchangeable (and the camera and the screen too) I think I don’t need an external protective case. And I prefer a lot to have a phone without external, heavy and chunky case. And I think the phone itself it’s big enough


I just keep my phone in an other pocket. Keys on the right, phone on the left. Never any scratches! :slight_smile:


I don’t think that an external case will be necessary for me but I prefer to have screen protection foils nevertheless. Maybe I buy one that is way too large and cut it to fit the FP2 if there won’t be an “official” one (and I honestly don’t expect one to be made available).

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Does someone know a good holster with a belt clip that might fit for the FP2? I mean something like this.

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Just a crosslink to another topic about cases for FP2:


It seems it exists :slight_smile: look at my post here, searching for FP2 they sell folies for it now so no need to wait :wink:

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I like the cases from Waterkant a lot, they have special fits for the FP1
I just sent them a mail asking about pouches for the FP2.
Will post their answer here.


After I got some helpful replies to my question if the Fairphone 2 would be too big for a trouser pocket, I started searching for a belt case that’s available from a Dutch webshop. I don’t mind if the orders come from abroad, but I want the interface and shipping/payment methods easily available from a Dutch perspective.

Searching for a belt case made by reusable materials didn’t yield the result I wanted, everything I found was either not the right size or didn’t have a belt clip attached to it (and I’m no DIY guy).

My search ended with some possibilities from regular webshops, 2 alas in leather and 1 in polyurethane (is polyurethane quite clean or really polluting?):

Just the right size:

alas in leather, just like this one:

the polyurethane one:

Hi! Just made a request to with the dimensions of the new fairphone 2 asking which of their handycases would fit the FP2. Perhaps they give it a thought to make a special edition for FP2 or adapt one of their Mitches. I also asked if the belt clip can be adapted for horizontal wear, not only vertical.
Will get back to you, when I have the answer! :wink:


I applaud your initiative! Please keep us updated on their reply.

of course! (if you meant me as well :wink: ) I sent two requests, one to Waterkant as mentioned above, and one to RunGPS, as I wrote in the other topic.


Indeed will I give you all a ring about the return. CU

Actually, let me answer that for you right away:
On this page feuerwear has a casefinder if the phone you have does not appear in their list and you want to fit the size.
Looking at the specs of FP2 you can quickly figure out that Mitch 6 (39€) would be the correct case.


That is why I did a request to Feuerwear. I’m not sure about. Did you keep in mind that the FP2 is 11mm thick? I would think of the Mitch 10 is more suitable. But we will see. I’ll keep you informed.


Hi! Got an answer from, but all in all it’s a little bit disappointing.
They are not sure if the Mitch6 is fitting the FP2, the next size is the Mitch 10. I should try in a store with their stuff which is working out.
No answer about a series or a special edition for the FP2 or changing the beltclip.
So sorry no really news! :disappointed_relieved:


Mitch6 uncertain is what I myself deduced as well, pity they can’t give more exact info. I don’t know of a shop where I can try it. WAAR in The Netherlands sells Feurwear bags, but only a small selection of the total arsenal. I’ll probably order a Mitch10 for myself, but with the FP2 not being delivered before 21 december at the earliest there’s no hurry.

But thanks for asking them, @vowi

Do they have smartphone cases there? I would imagine if they have the cases, they might have them in all their different sizes. There are only 6 different ones…


Hi @Vincent Hi @all! Got an additional answer from feuerwear about the cases.
Supposable there will be no special edition for the FP2, because it’s next to Mitch6 ord Mitch10.
Other colours than red, white and black are not possible and a new Lightline (neon) edition will come up mid 2016.
The beltclip will not be changed for dual use (horizotal and vertical) because most of the customers prefer vertical.
There is a shopfinder in English
Nice weekend!
@Vinni where did you got that list for the Mitch cases??

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Thanks @vowi for your inquiries.

In the Netherlands, Feuerwear cases can be bought offline at the WAAR fair trade store. They only sell the Mitch 6 however and it was sold out in my hometown, but the store will message me when it gets delivered to them again. Then if my Fairphone 2 gets delivered the week before Christmas, I can visit the store to physically try out if the Mitch 6 will fit. If not, I can always order the Mitch 10 online from I will keep you all updated, if I indeed get the chance to try out if the Mitch 6 will fit the FP2 or not.

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I checked on their website which phones they offer with which case and then wrote down the sizes of those phones