Carrier Name with dual SIM

Hello everyone. I am new in this forum so please bear with me

I came across this forum and this particular thread, as I was looking for a solution as to why new phones do not display the carrier name as described by the image showing 'o2 - de - Telekom

The settings menu shown further down with ‘Provuder name Display Provider name in Status bar’ with a green on mark - can I ask - is that a modified version if the settings menu?

The reason why I ask is because the phone I currently have us a Motorola g 5g plus (2020). It has 64GB storage by default. Thus particular phone us running Android 10, and because I only use some apps, I refuse to update it

But my phone is running out if space, and on Saturday I went to phone shop asbi need a new phone with 128GB.

I have my Tesco mobile regular SIM, which always looks at O2 - UK

But I also have a Lebara France SIM which usually but nit always - sees Vodafone UK. Sometimes it sees EE or O2. This info IS displayed on Android 10 on the status bar, and the option in settings is nit there to turn it off but it’s how I want it

I want to know is on a Fairphone phone showing the name of both carriers?

Thank you very much for your help.

Mý Fairphone 5 with Android 13 is only showing 1 name. The name of the provider with the physical SIM.
The second SIM is a E-SIM.
You can’t have 2 physical SIM’s in a Fairphone 5

A Fairphone 4 is also having 1 physical SIM and 1 E-SIM. It is also running on Android 13.
As I have no Fairphone 4 with 1 physical SIM and 1 E-SIM in use, I can’t tell if both names are showing.

I moved your post out of this one, which describes the current state on the FP4.

You see both on the lock screen however most likely due to a bug not on the homescreen.

On the FP5 I see both carrier at least when I swipe down the quick menu


My original post here written on Tuesday morning has now disappeared.

That took me quite a while to write.

Please can you explain why it was removed from the topic when I refreshed the page? It was rather complicated.

I wanted to know if Fairohone is a specific operating system?

I want to see the network provider name in the status bar but the option displayed above is not on regular settings menus if Android 12 or 13

And I wanted to know how I could enable this option on an Oppo A78 5G or would I need special version of software?

I have a French Lebara DIM that on my existing Android 10 Motorola g 5g plus 2020 phone gives info that it sees Vodafone UK where I am, but in the Oppo. A78 5G it only shows Lebara as the name. The Oppo uses Android 12

Thank you for your help

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I moved your additional post as well see above.

Thank you. That explains it. So sorry I could not find it but that’s great.

Thanks again

However I’m not sure what you are exactly looking for. After you re-wrote your initial post, it seems you were wondering in general about Fairphone devices, now after you posted as secnd time, it seems again you are looking for advice on an Oppo phone, which here can hardly be answered because its a Fairphone Forum.

So is Fairohone a completely different system or s variation of Android?

Basically my Moti g 5g plus 2020 shows ‘vodafone UK (Lebara)’ in the status bar on the lock screen. When I tried the Oppo it didn’t and there was no way to change what it showed.

On the thread I originally posted my question in, it had a screenshot of a Settings menu that had the option to ‘Show provider name in Status bar’ which I could not find

Is that option only seen on Fairohone Androud phones, or can it be done in regular phones if using Android 12?


I dont know what other phones have or not have. Fairphone, as almost all other phones not Apple use Android more or less adjusted.

You posted in a FP4 topic which tells you how it currently is on FP5 and FP4

The topic is linked above if you want to re-read beside what Lidwien confirmed above for the homescreen on the FP5.

And reg what Oppo shows: I guess Lebara uses the vodafone network and how the phone dispalys this cant be changed.

Is could be the change in the Android version.
The old phone was Android 10 and Fairphone is on 13.

Just for completeness: its showing the name of the SIM card used for mobile data, at least for me I see the travel eSIM at the moment.

In my case, on Moto g 5g plus using Android 10 it looks like this. But I cannot afford a Fairohone yet they are all far too expensive currently.

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