Can't use Sd-card in Android


This morning I updated my Fairphone 2. When it had started I was asked in which way I would like to use my Sd-card and I chose internal memory (So that I can install more/bigger apps). Unfortunately the formatting process (got stuck at 20%, gave a Java-error and) corrupted my card. When I tried a brand new Sd-card the formatting started at the 20% mark (again gave the Java-error) and als corrupted this card.

The same happens when I choose to use the Sd-card as an external memory, because it still says the card has to be formatted.

Has anybody encountered the same problem and/or does anybody know how to fix this problem? (perhaps I have to change something in the configurations-part of the phone?)

Thanks in advance!


Same here.
“command ‘7 volume partition disk:179,64 public’ failed with null”

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Maybe it is helpful to make a clean install of android and try to format the card again.
I had a similar problem after updating to android 6. Wasnt able to copy files to the phone from the computer and apps like gallery and music player need long time to get access to the sd card.

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