Can't set Lockscreen wallpaper separately to Home screen wallpaper

If I try to set wallpaper I only get the option to “Set Wallpaper”, not home screen, lockscreen or both.

How can I get different wallpapers on lock and home screens?

Hi @Geoff_Mills Welcome to the forum

Ok Start off with Settings > Display

Select a wallpaper > Set wallpaper then you get a choice :slight_smile:

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No: I still only have the Set Wallpaper option.

Yes you have to click on the Set wallpaper then you get a choice :slight_smile:

It still replaces both automatically. No choice given.

Are you using FPOS Launcher combined with Google photos? On the FP2 I noticed a “strange” thing, because using this combination I can not choose, but using Nova Launcher plus Google photos works or FP Launcher plus anoher Galerie. I tried with Nova Launcher and Simple Galerie and I did not go through settings but just long press on the homescreen

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I don’t know which launcher I’m using. How could I find out?

If you haven’t installed one then it will be the default.

I use the Nova Launcher, largely to get rid of the google search bar :slight_smile:
If you use Google Play Store >


or try any of > F-Droid Search: launcher

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It won’t let me choose a different wallpaper for the homescreen vs the lockscreen. I’ve seen people use Novalauncher or other third party programs but I would like to avoid that. Is there a way?

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome > Glad you found you way here

Another topic with detail :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! <3
Doing it in exactly that order works!

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