Can't send pictures in Whatsapp


I received a picture by mail, it’s in my download folder, I want to send it through whatsapp but I can’t : If I go in the download folder, try to share it, select whatsapp, I get the “comment your picture” screen, except it’s black where the picture should be. And when I click send it fails. When I go from whatsapp, select documents, the pic in my folder is like in a disabled state, with low alpha, and I cannot interact with it.

I read the other topics on that matter, and tried ticking/unticking the privacy impact option (was originally unticked, I never changed it before), but the problem is still there. I have a FP 2 with 1.2.8 on it.

Thank you for your help

Did you already try to send other pictures that you took with your phone?

Okay it seems to be happening only when I use Amaze to browse the pictures, works fine with other app, is it normal ?

What’s the format of your picture? Maybe it’s no supported by Amaze?

I don’t think so, I tried through Amaze with pictures in DL folder or in my camera folder both didn’t work. I have have png and jpg in there.

I have the same thing: my FP2 updated and whatsapp too and ever since I cannot send pictures or add people into groups. The staps you do is the same as before the updates, but then it stops: the picture or the person isn’t add to the chat.
Maybe it is a whatsapp thing, maybe FP2, I don’t know…

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Did you already check if Privacy Impact is enabled? The checkbox found under Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact must be unticked! See also here.

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Thnx! It realy works!