Can't reinstall google apps since Fairphone update, and keyboard not working

I installed the fairphone update on Thursday evening and ever since then I have been getting the message “unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped”. It means I cannot text or use a keyboard with any app.

I have tried to reinstall google apps by clicking on the “install google apps icon”. However, every time I click on this I get the message: “attention: fairphone updater is updating your operating system in the background. Please try again later”.

As I said, this has been going on since Thursday night and it is now Saturday. I have removed the battery and sim cards and put them back and it has not made any difference. How can I get my phone to work. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi there

Actually, I just found what I think is the solution here:

There might be an even easier solution as described in Fairphone update 1.8 bugs/issues + fixes collection! Please check before posting!

“Open the Fairphone updater app and close it again, now the google apps installation should run if you hit the installer”

@maryla, is your problem resolved? This way I can close the topic.

The link Maryla provides leads to a generic fairphone support forum site. I have the same problem after updating to Kola Nut on May 19th. I can update the OS and the phone also updates the Google Apps, but the keypad does not work after this, even after several installations and restarts.

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