Can't reactivate work profile (android for work) in LOS 15.1

Hi there, I just played around in settings and saw this “deactivate work profile” switch, well it worked only one way, I can’t reactivate it! :tired_face:
I got asked for my pattern, but when I enter the correct one, the settings app crashes, and the work profile is still deactivated!
reboot doesn’t help either :frowning:

Maybe, if you look here: , you can find help. This app mangess the work profile, and there are adb commands if something doesn’t work


Thank you, in short:
adb shell am start-user 10
saved my day!

I already tried Island once, but it’s not working when you already have a work profile. I do want to change to Island soon, but not the hard way :slight_smile:

For now I’m glad to have my profile back!


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