Can't install Apps on Open OS 17.06.4

Hi all,
i have a big problem after upgrading my FP to 17.06.4.
Many apps are not able to get installed anymore, important ones.
Telegram and line dont get installed. The installer just says, "app wasnt installed."
F-driod can be installed, but the app closes instantly. So unable to use it.
What i am doing wrong and how i can fix this? also how can i avoid it with other apps too?
Please help me.

I moved your post to #fairphone2help as this is not normal Open OS behavior and changed the title to better reflect the issue.

You could try clearing system cache in TWRP (#dic:recoverymode) and if that doesn’t help reinstall the OS.

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could you tell me how to reinstall the OS?
i cant find any guide.
if i download the OTA from and open it, it just updates but dont reinstall it.
thank you for your help

Here is the support article. Choose option 4.

Now i did reinstall FP Open OS and i cant install F-droid, Aptoide etc. because it wont open any apk-file. i did change the setting to allow unknown sources.
if you dont know how to solve this, i guess i have to change to the google OS…

This, or adb sideload from a connected computer. When you have f-droid, you can then install a better file manager that will allow installation from apks, if still needed.


thank you both, i could reinstall the open os and also able to install f-droid and therefor other apks.
now i could also install apps, that didnt work before. thanks you again and good evening

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