Can't hear the other side during calls

A new strange software issue with Android 12:

When I get called via phone or try to call someone else, I can not hear the other person. The loudspeaker itself works fine, but not during a call. I can switch to the speaker or to a bluetooth headset which also works fine.

Any ideas? I already restarted the device including removing the battery once - no change.

Maybe you try to clear data and cache of the phone app? Or try out a different one?

Other apps don’t work. Also in Signal it did not work. The hardware test did not show any errors either.

The only solution: factory reset - on a new phone I just got about a week agot :frowning:

Now it works again - but setting everything up again is really no fun. I know have to contact my bank again so they send me a new QR code via postal mail to re-enroll the banking app and setting up all the accounts (Nextcloud, DAVx5 etc.) will also take a couple of hours. This is one of the aspects of Android which is really very annoying - no real backup.

If your bootloader is not locked you can temporarily root the device and use an app like Titanium backup for backup and restore.

Did you try #dic:safemode before doing the factory reset?

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My bootloader is locked, because otherwise the banking apps won’t work. And yes, I did try safe mode first as well - also in safe mode it did not work.

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Factory Reset did not fix the problem permanently :frowning:

After a while the problem came back - again the audio output does not work any longer for calls. I opened a support ticket and wait what will happen.

Problem solved :slight_smile:

In the phone app there is a setting in Accessibility → Hearing aids (Turn on hearing-aid compability). This was turned on - I don’t know why, maybe I accidentally enabled it.

After I have turned this off again, everything works again as expected.

Oh my… but at least I learned something.


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